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Feature Article  •  More about Korea/North Korea
North Korea Extends a Good Faith Olive Branch
Stephen Lendman
   North Korea - Days ahead of an April 27 inter-Korean summit, seen as prelude to DPRK leader Kim Jong-un and Trump meeting in May or June at a location to be decided, a statement by North Korea's official KCNA news agency said the following:
Feature Article  •  More about Saudi Arabia
Heavy Gunfire Reported in Riyadh
Stephen Lendman
   Saudi Arabia - Overnight, heavy gunfire was reported near King Salman's palace.
Questioning the Douma Hoax Opinion  •  More about Syria
Questioning the Douma Hoax
Stephen Lendman
Feature Article  •  More about Russia
Russian Foreign Ministry on Letter to Russia, Syria and Skripal Incident
Stephen Lendman
   Russia - On Syria, MZ denounced the April 14 "act of open aggression" committed by Washington, Britain and France - terror-bombing Syrian targets, flagrantly violating international law based on a Big Lie, discussed in previous articles.
News Link  •  More about  Economy - Economics USA
Citi: "2018 Is Not Going To Plan"
04-21-2018  •, Tyler Durden 
Discussing recent trends in the bond market, Citi's credit strategists point out that there have been a lot of surprised traders this year, because i) the first half was supposed to be fine "like last year", and ii) IG was supposed to keep outperform 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Investigations
The DoJ 'probes James Comey for leaking classified information' in memos...
04-21-2018  •, ARIEL ZILBER  
The DoJ 'probes James Comey for leaking classified information' in memos about Trump - and the President hints he will use the investigation to FIRE Robert Mueller 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Feature Article  •  More about Imperialism
WaPo Supports Unrestrained US Warmaking
Stephen Lendman
Feature Article  •  More about Clinton News
Meritless Lawsuit Claims Conspiracy Undermined Hillary's Campaign
Stephen Lendman
Feature Article  •  More about Israel - Palestine
4th Straight Bloody Friday in Gaza
Stephen Lendman
News Link  •  More about  Business/ Commerce
3COIL - World's smallest folding scalpel blade multi-tool
04-22-2018  •  
The Puna & Crane Knife are tiny in size - BIG on features. Our razor sharp knives are the perfect every day carry tool. EDC essential  
Reported by Robert Lee
News Link  •  More about  WAR: About that War
How Britain Initiated Both World Wars
04-22-2018  •  
Recently Hollywood has given us two movies lionizing the brave British and their government about World War II, Dunkirk and Darkest Hour. This is not a good sign.  
Reported by Robert Lee
Feature Article  •  More about Syria
OPCW to Rubber-Stamp Official Falsified Douma Narrative?
Stephen Lendman
   Syria -The alleged Douma CW incident never happened. The official narrative was fabricated.
Feature Article  •  More about Israel
Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic?
Stephen Lendman
   Israel - Reader responses to my articles are overwhelmingly positive - wonderful feedback encouraging me to do much more.
News Link  •  More about  Russia
Russia Claims It Captured Trump's "Nice And New And Smart" Missiles After Syrian Strik
04-21-2018  •, Tyler Durden 
Two of President Trump's "nice and new and smart" cruise missiles were recovered non-detonated by the Syrian Armed Forces on April 14, one day after the US, the UK and France fired more than 100 rockets into Syria according to the Russian TASS  
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Science, Medicine and Technology
Intelligence-augmentation device lets users 'speak silently' with a computer by just thinkin
04-21-2018  •  arclein 
In one of the researchers' experiments, subjects used the system to silently report opponents' moves in a chess game and silently receive recommended moves from a chess-playing computer program. In another experiment, subjects were able to undete 
Reported by Robert Klein
Feature Article  •  More about Syria
Fruitless Syrian Peace Process
Stephen Lendman
Actress Natalie Portman Boycotts Israeli Award Ceremony Opinion  •  More about Israel
Actress Natalie Portman Boycotts Israeli Award Ceremony
Stephen Lendman
Feature Article  •  More about Russia
Russia Sponsoring Terrorism?
Stephen Lendman
News Link  •  More about  Science
Five Scientific Discoveries Made in Dreams
04-21-2018  •  arclein 
This was how the periodic table was formed. The arrangement he saw in his dream was so accurate, it even revealed that some elements had been incorrectly measured; they were placed in his periodic table according to their atomic weight, which wasn 
Reported by Robert Klein
News Link  •  More about  Trump Administration
Rudy Joins trump's Legal Team
04-21-2018  •  arclein 
Giuliani told CNN his focus will be on interfacing with special counsel Robert Mueller in his Russia probe and to help bring everything to a conclusion, saying it "needs a little push." Mueller is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 ele 
Reported by Robert Klein
News Link  •  More about  WTF?
Out of 26 Major Editorials on Trump's Syria Strikes, Zero Opposed
04-20-2018  • by Adam Johnson 
A survey by FAIR of the top 100 papers in the US by circulation found not a single editorial board opposed to Trump's April 13 airstrikes on Syria.  
Reported by Robert Lee
SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: April 22, 2018 Edition Opinion  •  More about Humor
SEMI-NEWS: A Satire of Recent News
SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: April 22, 2018 Edition
John Semmens
   McCabe Sues Trump for "Wrongful Termination" Fired for "lack of candor," former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is set to sue the Trump administration for "wrongful termination." Michael Bromwich, McCabe's lawyer, cited former FBI Di
News Link  •  More about  American History
By US Standards, America Should've Been Bombed for What Happened in Texas, 25 Years Ago
04-20-2018  • by Rachel Blevins  
When reports claimed that a chemical attack killed 70 civilians in Syria earlier this month, the Trump administration was quick to place the blame on the Syrian government--despite having no evidence--and they claimed that the horror of such an atr 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Sanctions
SWIFT Will Defy US If Pressured to Cut Russia Off CEO Says
04-20-2018  • by Dmitry Sudakov  
It seems if Washington will want to cut Russia off they will need to get another CEO in there because the current one won't do it 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Turkey
Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar
04-20-2018  • by Tyler Durden  
After Venezuela, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands prudently repatriated a substantial portion (if not all) of their physical gold held at the NY Fed or other western central banks in recent years, .... 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)
Tucker Carlson MIA for 2 Days After Exposing Syria Gas Hoax -
04-20-2018  • by Michael Quinn 
- Deep State Revenge? 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Science, Medicine and Technology
Roll-to-roll chemical vapor deposition system makes long sheets of high quality graphene
04-20-2018  •, brian wang 
MIT has combined a roll-to-roll approach -- a common industrial approach for continuous processing of thin foils -- with the common graphene-fabrication technique of chemical vapor deposition, to manufacture high-quality graphene in large quantitie 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Biology, Botany and Zoology
Welcome to Pleistocene Park: The mammoth plan to recreate an ice age ecosystem...
04-20-2018  •, Michael Irving 
Welcome to Pleistocene Park: The mammoth plan to recreate an ice age ecosystem in Siberia  
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Science, Medicine and Technology
Fiber-reinforced hydrogel is 5 times stronger than steel
04-20-2018  •, David Szondy 
Hydrogels have shown significant potential in everything from wound dressings to soft robots, but their applications have been limited from their lack of toughness " until now. 
Reported by Robert Lee
News Link  •  More about  China
Pacom Nominee: China Military Islands Now Control South China Sea
04-20-2018  • BY Bill Gertz 
Admiral urges rapid U.S. buildup of hypersonic and medium-range missiles to counter China threat 
Reported by Robert Lee
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