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News Link  •  More about  Voting: Vote Fraud
AZ Sec. of State Calls Transparent Election Advocates 'Anarchists', 'Conspiracy Theorist
1-6-2006  •  Brad Blog 
Election Transparency Advocates who turned out today at Arizona's Sec. of State Jan Brewer's speech to announce her re-election bid were labeled "anarchists" and "conspiracy theorists" by the woman who recently approved Di 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  WAR: About that War
The Economic Costs of the Iraq War
1-6-2006  •  TMP Cafe 
Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz and Harvard budget expert Linda Bilmes plan to present this week a paper estimating the cost of the Iraq War at between $1-2 trillion. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  WAR: About that War
130 Killed in Iraq, Drawing a Shiite Warning
16-2006  •  New York Times 
Attacks by suicide bombers killed as many as 130 people on Thursday, rekindling fears of a return to mass sectarian killings after a relative lull and prompting Iraq's most powerful Shiite political faction to warn of retribution and blame the US 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Police State
3 GOP Senators blast Bush bid to bypass torture ban
1-6-2006  •  Boston Globe 
Three key Republican senators yesterday condemned President Bush's assertion that his powers as commander in chief give him the authority to bypass a new law restricting the use of torture when interrogating detainees. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  WAR: About that War
Sorry we killed your family. We were trying to kill terrorists.
1-6-2006  •  Reuters 
A bomb that killed six civilians Monday near Baiji, Iraq, missed its target by 65 feet and hit the wrong home, military officials said. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Whistleblowers
Libby, Franklin, the OSP and Sibel Edmonds - What's It All About?
1-6-2006  • 
For all those who have been trying to keep up and make sense of the story of Sibel Edmonds, the woman who learned terrible things while translating for the FBI, blew the whistle and was promptly fired and gagged with the court invented "state' 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Space Travel and Exploration
Space tourists to face terrorist checks
1-6-2006  •  Reuters 
Passengers also would have to clear a security check to guard against any chance a space tourist would try to destroy the rocket or interfere with the flight crew and use it as a weapon. The FAA recommends using the TSA’s global “no fly” list. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  World News
Terror suspects allege torture by British intelligence
1-6-2006  •  UPI 
Pressure is increasing on the British government over allegations that its intelligence agents participated in the kidnap and torture of 28 Pakistanis in Greece following the July 7 bombings. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Police State
Padilla to Enter Plea on Terror Charges After 3 Years in Gulag
1-6-2006  •  Associated press 
After more than three years in a Navy brig as an "enemy combatant," alleged al-Qaida operative Jose Padilla will begin constructing his defense as a civilian. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Transportation: Air Travel
TSA: Be grateful we don't execute you on the spot
1-6-2006  •  Associated Press 
"I don't want to be on the list. I want to fly and see my grandma," the 4-year-old boy said. A ticket agent told his mom: "You're lucky that we're letting you through instead of putting you through the other process." 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Israel
Robertson Links Sharon's Stroke with God's Wrath
1-6-2006  •  Media Matters (video link) 
Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson suggested Thursday that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine punishment for "dividing God's land." 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Israel
Sharon Kept in Medically Induced Coma
1-6-2006  •  Associated Press 
The respected Haaretz Daily quoted hospital officials as saying Sharon suffered vast brain damage. But Dr. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, Hadassah Hospital director, sought to quash widespread rumors that the prime minister was brain-dead. Sharon's pupils wer 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Criminal Justice System
Records on Nonprofit Tied to DeLay Sought
1-6-2006  •  Associated press 
A Texas prosecutor issued subpoenas Thursday for records of a contribution to a nonprofit organization linked to Rep. Tom DeLay and lobbyist Jack Abramoff. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert
"Daily Show's" Jon Stewart to host Oscars
1-6-2006  •  Reuters 
Sharp-tongued comic Jon Stewart, who regularly skewers politicians and the media as anchor of the satirical television newscast "The Daily Show," was named on Thursday as host of this year's Academy Awards. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Health and Physical Fitness
Update 2: Bird flu infects 4 in Turkey; 3 dead
1-5-2006  •  Associated Press 
An 11-year-old girl died of suspected bird flu in eastern Turkey " days after her brother and sister also succumbed. They probably contracted the illness by playing with dead chickens. A fourth sibling was also seriously ill and breathing with the he 
Reported by Powell Gammill
Feature Article  •  More about Israel
Sharon is dead; Israeli government in panic and keeping it secret
Powell Gammill
   Mordechai Vanunu was on the Charles Goyette Radio Show today, and as an aside mentioned that he had highly placed Israeli government sources who informed him that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was in fact dead.
Feature Article  •  More about Eminent Domain
Vote Fraud - Audio
Ernest Hancock
   So you think you really want to know?
Feature Article  •  More about Politics: Republican Campaigns
How they got caught: After lobbyist broke off engagement, ex-fiancee told of illicit dealings to FBI
Ernest Hancock
   Scanlon was implicated in the Abramoff scandal by his former thirtysomething fiancee, Emily J. Miller, whom he met in the late 1990s while working as communications director for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX), three former associates w
Feature Article  •  More about Voting: Vote Fraud
The Fraud of Voting
Ernest Hancock
   "Does the next generation really have a voice? Will the attempts to socially and economically engineer our society allow our peaceful opposition? If you think you are going to vote yourself free, then you have not been paying attention."
News Link  •  More about  Bush Administration
The Bush Family Coup
12-31-2005  •  Village Voice 
The 9-11 attacks provided the rationale for what amounts to a Bush family coup against the Constitution. From the outset, President Bush used the attack to reorganize and increase the federal government’s reach far beyond any existing law to delve in 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Space Travel and Exploration
FAA rushes to regulate commercial passenger space travel
12-31-2005  •  Associated Press 
The proposal released sets requirements for crew qualifications and training, and establishes training and informed consent for passengers. Physical exams for passengers, trained on how to respond during emergencies. Pilots must have an FAA pilot cer 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Whistleblowers
Whitehouse denies it sicked Justice on leaker
12-31-2005  •  The Courier-Mail 
THE White House said it had no role in the Justice Department's decision to investigate the leaking of classified information indicating that President Bush authorised a secret government wiretap program. "The Justice Department undertook t 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Economy - Economics USA
US will run out of cash in 2 months
12-31-2005  •  Bloomberg News 
"As you know, the 'full faith and credit' of the US is a unique asset that underlies the leadership position of our country in the world capital markets," Treasury Secretary Snow wrote. "A failure to increase the debt limit in 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  WAR: About that War
Is Washington Planning a Early 2006 Military Strike on Iran?
12-31-2005  •  Der Spiegel 
Ulfkotte has himself noted that he has been under investigation by the government in the past (indeed, his home and offices have been searched multiple times) for allegations that he published state secrets which would underscore rather than undermin 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Property Rights
Looking the Other Way - The use of slave labor in Iraq
12-31-2005  •  t Radio 21 
Along with fraud and coercion, Cam and his colleague, embedded journalist Aamer Madhani, found on US military bases widespread de facto debt bondage coupled with the confiscation of foreign workers' travel documents. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  WAR: About that War
It pays to have US friends; Chalabi named Oil Minister
12-31-2005  •  BBC 
Iraqi Oil Minister al-Uloum has been temporarily released from his post amid a dispute over the government's petrol pricing policy. He is to be replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi. A guy who got 0.38% of the vote. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Media: Radio
12-30-05  CBS Flips KZON to Free FM Dec. 23, 2005 By Tony Sanders Another modern rocker bites the dust. CBS Radio is flipping KZON Phoenix to its Free FM talk format, effective Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2006. The Zone was already earmarked as one of thee stati 
Reported by Chad Lawrence
News Link  •  More about  WAR: About that War
Going to jail for embarrasing government thugs
12-30-2005  •  Craig Murrey Blog 
The Foreign Office has demanded that Craig Murray remove two especially damning British government documents, indicating that his government was knowingly receiving information extracted by the Uzbeks through torture. Craig Murray is refusing to do 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Police State
NSA spied on journalists and members of Congress
12-30-2005  •  Alternative Press Review 
On the orders of the Bush administration, the NSA eavesdropped on the private conversations and e-mail of its own employees, employees of other U.S. intelligence agencies and their contacts in the media, Congress, and oversight agencies and offices. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Central Intelligence Agency
Covert CIA operations continue to grow
12-30-2005  •  Washington Post 
The effort President Bush authorized shortly after 9/11, to fight al Qaeda has grown into the largest CIA covert action program since the height of the Cold War, expanding in size and ambition despite a growing outcry at home and abroad over its clan 
Reported by Powell Gammill
Page 22 of 8880
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