One sign among tens of thousands at the rally
One sign among tens of thousands at the rally

Monday's Immigration March Experience by Barry Hess, Candidate for Governor (AZ)
Powell Gammill 
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Date: April 12, 2006
Subject: Politics: Libertarian Campaigns

I think this is funny, and am extremely grateful things went as they did yesterday in regard to the stage snub. It has resulted in a lot of invitations to speak at several "Democrat" venues I would otherwise miss, and, of course, the Latino community. It led to a couple of calls I might not have otherwise gotten that became heart-to-heart, in-depth introductions to receptive state leaders. I'm good. I will say that it reminds me of the last time someone overtly tried to prevent the public from seeing 'who' they want. Ask the League of Women Voters about the extensive coverage we received precisely BECAUSE they iced Gary Fallon and me out of a primary debate. That's just how it works in politics, I guess. It's the shallow, near-sighted politician who tries to limit their competition, just because 'they can'.

Now do not mistake me, I hold no grudges, nor ill will toward Kirsten, or anyone else. I am almost always amused by her antics and (what I think are) silly suggestions. She makes me laugh. But with all the foregoing having been said, I find myself compelled to comment because of what I know was deliberately mis-stated and mis-directed by the Honorable Representative.

First, I'll give a clear statement of what actually happened, then we can go from there: A group of us who are sincerely concerned with the plight of ALL people were engaged actively to 'help' them by leading them to some great information they can (and have!) gotten on the web. The estimate of how many handbills we gave out is between 17 and 20 thousand. Interestingly, when the affair had ended there weren't any of the brightly colored cards on the ground--they went home with people.

In any event, I was interested in what the speakers were saying so I went closer to the stage. I saw only Democrats on stage. I ran into my friend, Ben Miranda. As an active candidate, of course I want to get in front of people with my story wherever and whenever I can. As a Libertarian, I want to actually help people help themselves so they're never in a politicians pocket (not even mine). I don't agree with the Democrat proposition that goes like this:"...but, I'll use the money I steal to help those folks I think need to be helped"..., but I have to say that this man has earned some of my respect--for having character. I asked Ben if there was an opportunity to address the crowd, and he enthusiastically parted the security contingent to allow me passage. Then, gentleman that he obviously is, he spoke directly to Lydia (an event organizer) asking her to put me in. I heard him say that this was to balance it out and that BH (me) was progressive in many areas and noted our agreement on other matters as well.

[As an aside: Rev. Maupin never should have been brought in as I have not seen any reason to ask his permission to delve into our personal conversation, in this instance . Inasmuch as he noted the 'even' the Democrats realized how it looked to be a political event, not a rally for rights, I guess it's no harm, no foul.]

Lydia asked me to write down my name and who I was on a card for an introduction--I would guess any sentient being would reasonably conclude that I had, in fact, been added to the speaker's list, and she asked me to wait just a moment. I thanked Ben and he was on his way. There were more than a few instances that I was told, "Just a minute", by Lydia, each time it seemed, preceded by a quick question for Kirsten.

Some time later, it was over and my video man continued to wait with me. Finally I approached Lydia in regard to my speaking and she informed me that she had been told that, "ONLY elected officials could speak". Seeing that Lydia had suddenly realized that she had been used as a pawn and was distressed by the situation, I excused myself and approached Kirsten. I quired, "What's this nonsense that I couldn't speak?" (I enjoyed a happy reunion with my friend Alfredo Guttierrez, who had just given a good speech, as had many other un-elected folks.) Then she repeated the lie she had completely and obviously made up. "ONLY elected officials were allowed to speak!" She was getting a bit testy, so I thought I'd enjoy the moment by asking "where?" that idea came from. Then she went to muttering adhominems under her breath and I walked back to poor abused Lydia. I simply asked, "Why would Kirsten say such a thing?", she said all she knew was what she told her. I thanked Lydia and told her it was no big deal--which it's not. I was just confirming that there was no mistake as to where the fabrication originated.

I went back over to needle Kirsten for giggles. She stuck to her 'story', and missed the opportunity to come clean. I thanked her for what I knew was going to happen (all the interest in why I didn't speak) because there were a lot of people who wanted specifically to hear me speak on the issues at hand.

I got my laugh and especially enjoyed the suggestion as to what I should 'do' as I walked away. Now, don't get me wrong, this was not a back-and-forth type deal, I was talking to a lot of people and a considerable amount of time passed between the incidents specified.

I remember thinking that it was funny how this day had gone. When I was outside the speakers area just walking up, Kirsten and I made eye contact and she gave me that familiar toothy smile. And the meeting ended with her advising me to have sex with myself. Isn't that funny?

That was the end of it until people began contacting me.

Rick, I'm obviously having fun with this, but that does not lessen the severity of what this elected official thinks is just business as usual. I am certain that Kirsten was only trying to protect her Governor who was sitting up on the 9th floor ignoring 200,000 people milling about her front lawn. Perhaps she supposed I might use my mic time to diminish Janet--who knows?

The part that gets me is that she didn't 'fess up' when she had the chance. It's bad enough to do bad things, but it's ten times worse to not fess up immediately. Ask Bill Clinton, or my son.

The kind of politician who would try to limit debate in the marketplace of ideas can't honestly believe what they claim are 'superior' ideas--or else they would welcome the challenge. It is only through open contest that the 'truth' can be determined.

I found it odd that Kirsten's response was so vitriolic but I find her "new" story fascinating. Suddenly--it was "long-time activists" only. Uh-oh. Better look at the roster again, Kirsten. I also find her declaration that I had not participated in as many immigrants rights events as her is just plain silly. I'm a Libertarian. Just being a Libertarian means that you are an immigrants rights (along with all other individual rights) event EVERYDAY!

>From a psychological perspective, when someone is unable to admit fault and seek forgiveness they will often attempt to distract their audience away from themselves. It's called "spotlighting". With that in mind, I will confess to a slight giggle when I read Kirsten's description of how I "bullied" and "pushed" my way on stage. Perhaps there's video...

As I work my way through Kirsten's missive I note her middle paragraph, and I have to laugh at her arrogance and hypocracy.

"This rally was not one for opportunists - it was for immigrants and committed activists".

The stage was loaded with ONLY Democrats, and several were using it as a campaign stop. Are you up for re-election, Kirsten?

I can easily admit that, yes, in the sense that a smart candidate makes a smart official, that this was a moment born of opportunity and I seized it. Can I say, "Duh"? Sorta like Kirsten did with the bill of rights bill. Who's the opportunist? Libertarians WROTE the Bill of Rights. When's the last time ,Kirsten, that you kept to them in your official duties? ...and you dare suggest that, "I'M" an opportunist?!

Finally, I would like to point out Kirsten's suggestion on what I should do with my life, and how I should do it, (as if I think she knows)--just like a socialist...sigh.

"And that's all I got to say about that" (Forrest Gump).

As always, I remain at your service"

Barry Hess


A response and reply from Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (definite D), and Barry Hess (definite L):

B: Kyrsten;

Ya know I love ya, and would gladly leave you the last word, but....just because I couldn't resist:

K: 1. " My name is spelled with a "y". I understand that Barry is very busy, running for office and all, but it's pretty easy to see how my name is spelled, as it's printed all over this email, on the Az Leg. website, and many more places".

B: I sincerely apologize for my lack of attention. I did know there was a 'y' in your name, but I thought it was in your last name. I really mean it when I say this was no slight, if I had intended it as an insult I would have made it more than obvious. I'm fairly certain that my embarrassment here will remind me later. I can offer no explanation as to how I missed what is obviously the most printed name in history.

K: 2. "Barry is clearly making some stuff up. I never told Barry to "go have sex with himself." Not my style".

B: That's true. I was paraphrasing.

K: 3. "No offense to Ben Miranda, but his invitation for you to speak is not the same as being a speaker on the speaker list. Neither Ben nor I served on the speaker list committee that formed last week, but both he and I did sit in the executive committee meeting on Saturday morning that approved the list. You weren't on it, and neither were any other candidates for public office".

B: Hummm, I guess that's "the meeting I can't remember being at". Was there a point to this statement? Oops, you don't have to answer that, ;-)

K: 4. " In the future, if you want to be on the speaking list, contact the organizers BEFORE the event has been under way for 5+ hours. And perhaps doing a little bit of work to help make the event happen would help".

B: I've already forwarded your kind suggestions to my secretary so as to avoid such incivility in the future. Now I do have to ask something, maybe when next our paths should cross you'll accept my invitation to a cup of coffee over which you'll help me understand why you seem compelled to make a suggestion as to what actions I should take. Do I leave you with a burning desire to 'help' me? Is it a mommy government maternal thing?

K: "...so thank you for your time. I'll get back to the state's business now".

B: I'm not even going to touch that one...Thanks for playing, Kyrsten.

As always, I remain at your service"