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The Mainstream Press paid little attention -- wouldn’t want to risk upsetting the lowing herd of worker drones just as they’re about to surrender their little calves and heifers to a lifetime of tender socialist propagandizing by the unionized minions of the omnipotent state -- but at noontime on Monday, Aug. 29 (the first day of school), the Libertarian Party of Clark County held a protest against the federal law mandating the psychological screening and treatment (including psychoactive drugs) of all school children, in front of the Clark County School District’s Greer Education Center (“The Ed Shed.”)

“The government simply has no right to psychologically screen and treat children without obtaining parental consent,” said Tom Hurst, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006. “In states that are farther along the implementation path than Nevada, parents have already been charged with child abuse for refusing to comply.”

I’ve always said the government schools should not be allowed to say they “don’t tolerate drugs.” In fact, they simply don’t tolerate competing drug dealers.

“In addition to the well-known physical and mental problems associated with giving psychotropic drugs to children, children labeled as ‘at risk’ or ‘mentally disturbed’ will fall prey to a lifetime of tracking by government agencies, potential employers, credit agencies and insurance companies,” the local LP said in an August press release.

“Literally everyone I have talked with about this thinks it is a very, very bad thing,” Mr. Hurst continued. “Yet, amazingly, all of our Nevada representatives in Washington have repeatedly voted to authorize and fund this unconstitutional program.”

“Even at the State level, every one of our legislators in Carson City voted to implement this horrible law.” added LP state Assembly candidate Rebecca Iocca.

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Sometimes the other side has to try sarcasm before they come close to the truth.

Letter-writers Ron and Rita Dennis wrote in recently, attempting to ridicule a Review-Journal editorial headlined “Group recommends tired old solution for improving Nevada schools.”

The editorial, which also exposed the fact that the supposedly independent California-based “WestEd” lobbying group actually lists numerous Nevada school boards and state-salaried educrats on its board of directors, pointed out WestEd’s latest drummed-up report “noted ... more money is the key to improvement,” which the newspaper “equated to the ‘tired old solution.’ ”


The Dennises then resort to apparent sarcasm, calling for Nevada to close its grossly expensive and virtually worthless government socialist youth propaganda camps (“public schools”), whereupon “The empty schools will be turned into low-rent dormitories to go along with pay scales that will not keep pace with the rest of the country. However, people living here under this new order, primarily young, single casino workers and retirees, will not have to pay taxes for education. The casinos can count on keeping their tax requirements at a desirable single-digit level -- again, because paying for education will not be an issue.

“Of course, the young, single people here will have to agree to remain childless -- the radioactivity emitted from Yucca Mountain should take care of that.”

What’s the real irony here? Substitute “Of course, the young, single people here will have to agree to pay for their own children’s education, the same way we’re all expected to pay for our own children’s clothes, food, and housing -- the same way all Americans ( except in Taxachusetts) paid for their own children’s educations up through the Civil War, leading Alexis de Tocqueville to describe us as the most literate nation on earth BEFORE we started downhill with the introduction of the first tax-funded school” ... and the Dennises have hit on precisely the right solution.

Do we have an annual debate about whether Nevada has “enough” painters, plumbers, or podiatrists, or what their qualifications should be, or what they should be paid? Of course not. All these trades operate in a (relatively) free market, where consumers are free to find one with the credentials and the rates they’re seeking. Why is it that only “teachers” should be an exception?

Education is far too important to be left to the crippling depredations of government bureaucrats, paralyzed by their procedures. Burn the government schools.

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My July 31 column, on a Wisconsin sexual assault victim who could go to prison for groping back at her airport groper, drew some response:

“I loved this column,” wrote one local mom. “I actually felt her rage and it reminded me of almost going ballistic watching them do this to my 4-year-old daughter whom I am teaching that it is NOT OK for people to touch her.”

Alan L. also wrote in: “One may already purchase undergarments that are printed with ecstatic instructions to the searching party to search harder and faster and more intrusively, as well as bags with the 4th amendment printed on them: http://www.boingboing.net/2005/07/27/fourth_amendment_app.html.”

(I couldn’t find much that fit Alan’s description, though I did like the “Fourth Amendment Thong,” which informs your honey, “I Consent to This Search.”)

“But I’m afraid all of Leviathan’s resources are allocated for brutality, and no budget exists for humor,” Alan concludes. “In fact, humorous resistance is still resisting arrest and giving aid to those who hate our freedoms, in the eyes of our new Fuhrer.”