Howard Blitz
Website: The Freedom Library
“Change: The Necessary Ingredient for Progress”  
If 2007 is to be a year of progress, change is necessary. Progress has never come about without change. The use of electricity, telecommunications, computers, increased wages, higher standards of living, and the whole way of life for every individual has come about because of change.

If mankind did not alter his energy source to oil, human life would be like that of our ancestors instead of the simple life with all of its amenities that exist today. Without change Americans could very well still be living under a monarchy instead of the constitutional republic that was established in its place.

If progress is defined as making life easier for every individual to exist, change is required. Change, though, can only take place when individuals have the flexibility to implement and or endorse a change in the way they live or do business. The individual must be able to order change fast and make it immediate and convenient. In order for the individual to do this though, government must stay out of the way.

The founders tried to reform their government by asking the king to change his ways, but to no avail so they were forced to implement a change of government. Reforming government programs will also be to no advantage because government programs do not allow for change to take place easily, if at all and as such impede progress.

Excessive government rules and regulations hamper progress because government is extremely slow to react and is nothing but brute force. Using brute force to achieve progress only creates more criminals out of innocent individuals and encourages antagonism and war. Individuals implementing change to achieve their goals, even if the change is bad, only affects a few rather than all of society. If individuals do not implement change in a free society, they become bankrupt or must find a new job. They do not have to go to jail or pay a fine as is the case of breaking government rules and regulations.

Established government programs such as minimum wage, schooling, health care, and the rest do not encourage the necessary change in order for progress to take place. Government programs create a strait jacket restricting individuals from being able to change in order that more individuals can benefit from what is being produced.

Government programs hurt those that the programs are trying to help, namely those on the lower end of the income scale. Individuals are poor for many reasons, but a major reason they remain in such a condition is because there are too many rules and regulations that government officials implement. The cost of these government controls are unaffordable to the poorer individual resulting in limiting the number of individuals to progress upward on the economic scale.

If progress is to be made in 2007 and beyond, a change in attitude toward government is necessary. Accepting government for what it is, brute force, will encourage individuals to seek personal solutions to situations as opposed to government solutions. Brute force is necessary for repelling invasions or personal attacks by others; however, brute force is never justified to accomplish individual change necessary to create progress. For proper change to occur and progress to be made, more personal freedom and less government restrictions on the individual is the key ingredient.

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