The McCain Update - March 9, 2007 -

The McCain Update - March 9, 2007 - "Political Pundits and Supporters Point To McCain's Con
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Date: 03-09-2007
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The McCain Update - March 9, 2007

We are pleased to introduce the first issue of the McCain Update. This weekly newsletter will be released every Friday to update John McCain supporters about recent news on the campaign trail. Feel free to forward the McCain Update to friends and encourage their involvement in this important election. Please visit www.JohnMcCain.com for more information, videos, volunteer opportunities, and to make a contribution.
In this issue...

National Review: The Case For McCain

Ramesh Ponnuru in the National Review writes, "McCain's merits are considerable as well. He has been tough on spending, and been willing to ally with the most conservative members of the Senate to fight earmarks. He has been a stalwart free trader..."
Read the entire story on our website.

Pundits And Supporters On John McCain's Conservative Record

Political Pundit John Harwood says McCain has a "very strong profile on the national security issue." Watch clip here.

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman says, "I'm also very taken by [John McCain's] fiscal conservatism." Watch clip here.

Longtime Republican Strategist Charlie Black says, "Listen, among the front runners in the Republican race, John McCain is the only one who has run for office as a conservative, won as a conservative and served reliably as a conservative." Watch clip here.

The Economist's Lexington column reports, "Mr McCain has a rare ability to present conservative ideas in a language that moderates and independents can find appealing." Entire story available on The Economist website.
John McCain Continues To Pick Up Steam With Daily Endorsements

The Hill reports, "The attorneys general of seven states, including the host of a pivotal presidential primary, will announce their support for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) today, adding to the number of state leaders endorsing him over former district attorney Rudy Giuliani and the other Republican hopefuls in the race." Entire story available on The Hill website.

Foster's Daily Democrat in New Hampshire reports, "McCain's campaign announced Thursday that 22 New Hampshire leaders from Rockingham County will support the Arizona senator in his bid for [the] presidency." Entire story available on The Foster's Daily Democrat website.

The Hill also reports that John McCain, "[N]ow boasts the lion's share of the Republican establishment." Entire story available on The Hill website.

Los Angeles Times reports, "California titans join McCain's campaign team." Entire story available on the Los Angeles Times website.

Newsday reports, "[S]ome of [New York] state's biggest fundraisers are working with McCain..." Entire story available on the Newsday website.

San Antonio Express-News reports, former Texas Congressman Tom Loeffler endorsed McCain saying, "'Senator McCain is a common sense conservative whose ideals and principles will guide us through challenging times.'" Entire story available on the San Antonio Express-News website.
John McCain Wins South Carolina Straw Poll

The State reports that McCain won Spartanburg County South Carolina's straw poll. Entire story available on The State website.
Blog Update: Good Month For McCain

Hotline Blog: "Why John McCain Had A Pretty Good Month," 3/5/07

Red State Blog: "Let's Just Admit It, McCain Did Have a Good Month," 3/5/07

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