Howard Blitz
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Movie depicts libertarian can-do Attitude  

The founders of the United States wrote the Constitution to control the force of government power entrusted to elected and appointed officials in order that the citizenry could explore, develop, and create ideas to make the best life they could for themselves, their families, and others.  In this way government did not interfere in the pursuit of happiness of the individual and resulted in the greatest explosion of economic wealth the world had ever seen of which 21st century Americans and individuals the world over are the beneficiaries. 



The movie, “The Astronaut Farmer,” depicts the mind-set that one could do anything he dreamt and the faith to pull it off, with no guarantee for success, but at least without any fear of interference from government officials or anyone else.  It was this belief that one could achieve anything he wanted without the initiation of force upon others and the freedom of the individual to do as he chose with his legitimately obtained property that was the driving force behind the success of American society. 



In the movie, Charles Farmer, played by Billy Bob Thornton, had a dream to become an astronaut since childhood.  Earning his degree in aerospace engineering and joining the air force as a pilot, Farmer was well on his way to achieving his dream when a family situation forced him to drop out. 



Farmer, however, was not a man to let anything stand in the way of a dream.  He spent the next decade and every cent he had building his own rocket in a barn on his ranch in Story, Texas, working toward the day when he could triumphantly launch it into space by himself.



Sharing his vision in the movie is his wife Audie, played by Virginia Madsen and their children, daughters Sunshine and Stanley, and 15-year-old son Shepard, already a budding engineer and eager to serve as "mission control" on the big day.  Even Audie's father, Hal (Bruce Dern), on hand to lend moral support, saw how his son-in-law's unwavering commitment had inspired the family with a common dream.



On the eve of the long-anticipated launch, though, an unexpected problem arises.  Farmer's efforts to secure 10,000 pounds of high-grade fuel catches the attention of government officials and draws heavy fire from the FBI, CIA, FAA, NASA, and the U.S. military, all of whom see him as a threat and do anything they can to shut him down. 



Farmer knows this is his only chance, not only to reach his goal of breaking through the earth's atmosphere, but to instill in his children the courage to pursue their own ideals and never give up, no matter the odds.  This is the spirit that is created under the Constitution written by the founders of America. 



Today, though, with practically no regard for the Constitution and dependency on government at all levels so entrenched; dreams are chastised or destroyed through government regulation, taxation, and inflation.  It is extremely difficult to explore, develop, and create wealth for the masses with a negative savings rate resulting from the current interference and manipulation by government officials. 



In the movie, government officials debate, just as in real life, whether to allow Charles Farmer to build his rocket and use his property the way he chooses.  All the while they chastise and demean him of his dream.  Rather than the owners of property making life’s decisions, it is government officials, who have no vested interest. 



The Constitution was and is established to restrict and control the power of government officials, not allow them to dictate to “we the people.”  As more individuals view this film, maybe more individuals will catch the vision of that libertarian can-do attitude, not rely on government for their survival, and realize that the United States Constitution is the real “wall of separation” between government power and individual liberty.



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