Creation of the Post-Human being
Ken Sutter 
Date: 01-15-2007
Subject: Health and Physical Fitness

Mass drugging of America. The creation of a post-human being.

The statistics are astounding. Over 120,000 people a year die as a direct result of taking prescription drugs. The drugs properly prescribed by their medical doctor. Properly taken by the patient. 120,000 people dead. The mainstream media doesn’t cover it. Why? 

Over 90, 000 people a year die from secondary infections in hospitals. The mainstream media doesn’t cover it. Why?
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

At the same time the mainstream media makes sure you know all about the illegal drugs and their infamous war on them. What are the stats that warrant such a large investment in time and resources to win this war on illegal drugs?


At last count 11,000 people died last year from illegal drug use. 11,000 people. What does that tell you?


It’s a con. The whole show is a con. The real problem, as the above stats PROVE, is the prescription drug deaths and all the death in the hospitals. Illegal drugs deaths, although tragic, is just a drop in the bucket compared to the legal drugs. And yet they try to convince you the illegal drugs are the problem. And you don’t hear a word about the Prescrption drug deaths. 


Why all the effort on the illegal and none on the prescription?


Well, of course the illegal drugs fill the prisons and the legal drugs are a very important part of the mass drugging of America. Matter of fact, without the mass drugging of society it’s not possible for the “Status Quo”* to implement their plan for the post-human being they are trying to create.


The mass drugging of society is the very foundation of their plan to create a post-human being. It is the ONLY way they can accomplish it.


It IS a fact that it’s not possible to brainwash a “normal” brain. Normal being a brain that hasn’t been poisoned by chemicals. However, once a brain has been poisoned it gets quite a bit easier to program that brain.


A post-human being is a person that no longer has the capabilities to think for himself. To draw conclusion of his own reasoning skills. To look at something and be able to see what it is without being told by anyone else what it is. To be creative in all areas of life, to love and serve. These skills are lost in the post-human being. The only thing they can do is what they are TOLD to do (A Slave). Thus the main effort by the “Status Quo” to mass drug society.  


Without the mass drugging of society their agenda CANNOT be fulfilled. They cannot do the wars, the assassinations, and the sheer manipulation of society that is so obvious at this time in history. A “normal” brain cannot be fooled. Cannot be brainwashed, cannot be lied to. Oh sure, we can all be fooled temporarily but a normal brain that hasn’t been poisoned with chemicals will eventually see the lies and correct the situation and then go after the perpetrator of the lies. That, they CANNOT have. The mass drugging of society solves the problem for them.


I teach people how to get healthy. It doesn’t matter what disease they have. I put them on a program that does indeed get them healthy. It always amazes me after they’ve been through a bit of detox how surprised they are at their thinking abilities. They can think clearer, they can see better, their reasoning skills are vastly improved. Some even to the point of being psychic. Which I personally believe is a “normal” attribute. Their brain always wakes up and they then can see the abundance of lies around them that are plaguing society, and they are very interested in what I call “the rest of the story”.


Once recovered from what “they” called a “terminal” disease people get more than a little pissed-off. Perhaps for the first time in their life they were actually successful at accomplishing something they were told wasn’t accomplishable. This is a great point of inspiration for these people. They are now interested in seeing what else they can do something about. Of course that leads them into studying the rather large world of truth that exposes the NWO and all it’s machinations through the centuries.


But they are truly frustrated because there doesn’t appear to be anything that can be done about it all. It’s not like taking responsibility for your own body and getting it healthy. This involves many other people that know what they now know. They were lied to and it almost killed them. That will wake you up. But once awake what can you do about it?


Of course there’s a lot you can do about it but that’s not the point of this essay.


The point I want to make is the chemicals that now poison society are there via a very well thought out plan to turn you into a post-human being. It is the very foundation of their plan. Their plan can’t work without it. The mass drugging of society.


There have been many attempts at mass drugging of society in the past couple hundred years, and they have been very successful at eliminating a lot of folks. Gary Noll covers the historical statistics in his work on vaccinations. Whenever vaccinations were used as a so-called prevention or cure, many people died from the vaccinations and NOT the disease they were being vaccinated against. The swine flu scam early in the last century comes to mind. Created totally by the vaccinations against it. The people that weren’t vaccinated against it didn’t die. They tried to do the same thing with the recent “bird flu” scare.


While the basic premise of immunizing a body via a small exposure to the specific disease is indeed valid, the people that are in control of the vaccinations don’t have immunity in mind for you. They know the only thing necessary for complete immunity for ANY specific disease is a scratch on the skin. A hypodermic needle full of the disease and chemicals ALWAYS fails and if it doesn’t kill the person outright right then, it creates many supposedly unrelated problems down the road.


I strongly suggest for those of you that want to do more research on vaccinations find out what the vaccinations do to the kidneys, heart and central nervous system. It’s not nice.

So vaccinations have been used many times in history for genocide purposes.


Since the early 50’s last century vaccinations have been pretty much mainstream America. I was one of the lucky ones. My father was a Chiropractor and didn’t allow us kids to be vaccinated. I learned later in life that he had one hell of a battle with the principal of the school and the entire school board at the time. Us kids were NOT to be vaccinated. Thank you Dad…


Vaccinations fit perfectly into the mass drugging of society. But that is a very obvious thing to observe. Prescription drug use is also very obvious. But there are other things that are NOT so obvious.


First, lets take a look at what a drug really is. That people are expecting drugs to cure them of their diseases is pure fantasy - it can NEVER happen. Period.


A drug HAS to be a chemical. The very fact that it is patented requires that it has to be a chemical. In order to get a patent on anything it has to be invented. Obviously it can’t be found in nature so it must be invented. The only way to invent a drug is to manipulate specific chemicals in specific combinations that is entirely new. Then you can patent it. This works great in industry but not in healthcare.


The only things a body can use are other things that have been alive at one time, or are indeed alive when eaten (Fruit and vegetables). That’s it. Nothing else will work. A food has to be something that was alive or is alive when eaten. Food is the ONLY thing a body needs and can use to stay healthy or regain your health if lost.


Chemicals ALWAYS interfere with the healing process - always. But more importantly they ALWAYS decrease the performance of a body and affect the functioning of the brain that is running that body. Chemicals make bodies and brains sick. ALWAYS.


Drugs ARE chemicals - they HAVE to be. The patenting process demands it. Of course prescription drugs are patented. Over the counter drugs may have been patented once but no longer are. Drugs are chemicals and chemicals are drugs they are synomonous and interchangeable words.


Carcinogens - Everybody has heard this word. It’s been pounded into us for 30-40 years now. Carcinogens are chemicals that cause cancer. Everybody knows this. It is true, chemicals do indeed cause cancer. But the treatment for cancer is Chemotherapy. Chemo being short for Chemical. Which leads one to think on a subconscious level that some chemicals are bad and some are good. Which is NOT true. All chemicals are bad for the human body. Period. There will never be a chemical found that can cure cancer. Or any other disease for that matter. It’s simply never going to happen. It can’t happen. It’s basic physics.


The only legitimate use of chemicals in healthcare is in an emergency situation where body physiology has to be controlled to overcome the injury. But even then the surgeons and therapists that take care of those situations will get you off the drugs as soon as possible after the injury. They know drugs hinder the healing process. That is the legitimate part of medicine. The rest of medicine tosses that right out the window when treating you for any supposed “terminal” disease. Or any symptom at all for that matter.


The human body goes to great extremes to eliminate any and all chemicals that it happens to get exposed to. And usually the body is quite successful at eliminating the chemicals. Therefore, a prolonged course of chemical poisoning is required to have the desired effect of creating the post-human being. 


How is that done? Prescription drugs are the most obvious way. And very effective too.  Vaccinations do more damage than any other single thing. Vaccinations attack the central nervous system WHILE it is growing and completing all its neurological hookups. Any first year medical student knows it take a good 5 years to complete the growth of the central nervous system. 5 years. And it’s your nervous system that controls and coordinates all the other systems of the body, including the immune system. That’s basic physiology right out of 1st year medical school. If vaccinations were legitimate there would be laws AGAINST vaccinating anyone BEFORE they are 5 years old. And then it would be a scratch on the skin not a vial full of noxious poisons and diseases. Autism anyone???


There are a few other ways you’re being poisoned perhaps you don’t know about.


Chlorine: Chlorine kills bacteria. Very useful in the manufacturing process, But it kills ALL bacteria and should never be used in a human body. Never. The human body absolutely NEEDS bacteria to survive. They are called “friendly” bacteria and they thrive in you intestines. You can’t process food without these friendly bacteria. If you can’t process food you die.


So Chlorine in your water supply kills the friendly bacteria in your colon and you slowly die. Fortunately the amount of chlorine is not enough to outright kill you but prolonged use of municipal water supplies does indeed make you deficient in friendly bacteria and leads to chronic illnesses. I’ve seen chronic illness magically disappear just about overnight by the introduction of the friendly bacteria. Much to the amazement of the patient I might add.     


Fluoride: Fluoride is used in rat poison. Did you ever hear of fluorocarbons? Nasty little poisons - will kill you quite quickly. Fluoride is a strong poison. It has no business being in the water supply or toothpaste or the school health program. It’s a by-product of aluminum manufacturing and atomic fuel manufacturing.


The research on fluoride is quite extensive and quite convincing. In every double blind study ever done the fluoride people always have more cavities and more kidney and heart disease. There are two studies the Dentist quote and they are both flawed. I live in West Michigan where one of the first studies was done. It was flawed and the stats juggled.


Fluoride does several rather unpleasant things to you. First it makes you docile, pliable, easy to manipulate. Takes away your self-determinism. Second it draws unto itself aluminum. Which just so happens to settle in the brain. Where do you think all the Alzheimer’s is coming from? Third it actually causes the teeth to rot. Yeah, that’s right - it causes cavities. Fourth it interferes with the growth centers of the permanent teeth, which causes them to come in crooked.


So fluoride in the water supply is part and parcel of the mass drugging of society. It creates a lot of business for the dentists and makes people subject to manipulation. You know - brainwashing.


Synthetic vitamins are another one they hoodwinked the public into believing. For sure vitamins are important but they HAVE to be from their natural source (food). They cannot be synthetic. It’s the same things as the drugs I mentioned above. If it’s synthesized it obviously can’t be natural. Thus, the body can’t use it. If it’s synthesized it has never been alive and therefore impossible for the body to use.


This turns into a legal issue. The manufacturer can make isomers of the vitamins, which are mirror images of the vitamin, but it can’t duplicate nature in the lab. The closest they can come is an isomer, a mirror image of it. Of course that means that it’s the exact opposite of the real thing and the body considers that a chemical poison, which it really is. So the body immediately rejects it. Thus, the brightly colored urine when you take the synthetic vitamins. But legally they can call the synthetics real vitamins. They are more accurately defined as drugs. This has been known since the 40 by the way. More mass drugging of society.


And these synthetics are everywhere. Just about all wheat products are “fortified” with synthetic vitamins. All dairy is “fortified” with synthetic vitamins. Even the candy bars and soft drinks are now “fortified” with synthetic vitamins.


I have never seen any studies on what synthetic vitamins do to brain function but my guess is that it’s pretty important and probably contributes to making the public docile, easy to manipulate.


Last is what they are doing to the food supply in this country. If you’ve seen the movie “Supersize Me” you’re already aware of the chemicals (drugs) they are putting into the foods to make you addicted to them. But what else are the drugs doing? Again I’d be willing to bet they are making people more docile to be good little slaves.


Plus, the growing process of the foods is being manipulated. Genetic engineering and such. Then the food is subject to irradiation once harvested. That can’t be good for it. Doesn’t radiation cause cancer?  


Chemical poisoning is subtle. It affects the core, emotional, mental place where you live in very subtle ways. The best way to explain this is to relate what I personally went through that made me see how devastating it is.


My personal experience with chemical poisoning comes from Vietnam. The Agent Orange. Believe it or not I don’t think the government knew how bad it was going to be. Agent orange had been used by the railroads for years. It was very good at keeping the tracks clear. So it had a very good record. The problem was that it would get into our water supply in the jungle so we’d end up drinking it everyday. Well, as with any good poison, you can’t do that. It may work well on the railroad tracks but it sure caused a lot of problems if you drank it.


I passed the Agent Orange after a liver flush on Dec. 14th 1998. By the time I got to the bathroom door I could sense something was different inside of me. December 14th was a Monday and it took until Wednesday for that feeling to coalesce enough to get a handle on it and find out what had changed.


The hopelessness was gone. That’s what was different inside of me. The hopelessness I didn’t even know I had was now gone. That’s how subtle chemical poisoning is. I acquired that hopelessness by drinking the Agent Orange in Vietnam. It creeps up on you and is so subtle you aren’t even aware that its there. But sure enough as soon as I passed the Agent Orange I felt the difference.


Then, and only then, did I realize how effective chemical poisoning is in controling your reasoning abilities.. For the first time since November 1971 that sense of hopelessness was gone. I actually felt like I just might beat this sickness. That it was doable - I could make it all the way back from that damn war. And, of course, I did.


So don’t be fooled into thinking these chemicals don’t affect you. They do at a level so subtle it’s hard to ascertain until the chemicals are gone. The detox phenomenon that the terminally ill go through as they are recovering wakes up their brain. They can think again. And most of the time people don’t suspect there is anything wrong with their thinking apparatus. Not until the chemicals start to leave are they aware of it. Then they do indeed get a bit pissed-off that it was done TO them, on purpose, by design.


The mass drugging of society is being done to create a Post-human being. An individual that cannot think for himself, cannot see the lies he’s living in and embraces his masters. He’s a slave in the true sense of the word. Willing to do only what he is told to do to please his masters. No self-determinism, no creativity, no ability to love.


And if you look around it’s very plain to see they have come a long way in accomplishing this.


I wrote “It’s Not Illegal” about a year and a half ago. I wrote it because it was so frustrating for me to watch people get their health back and then return to the very doctor that almost killed them in the first place. These people worshiped their medical doctor more fervently than any religion I’ve ever seen. In “It’s Not Illegal” I point out some of the obvious things people should be able to see to hopefully make them reject the medical treatment of disease. So now I could just hand them a book instead of explaining it all everytime.


So the “brainwash” has advanced to a rather frightening stage. People are walking right into their own early grave and worshiping the very people that are putting them there. 


The only part of their program that is more important than the mass drugging of Society is that absolute control of the media. Which has been a done deal until the Internet exploded onto the scene.


To create a slave, to eliminate all the “native” abilities of man, and be left with nothing but a post-human requires a massive campaign of drug use. They have come a long way to that end.


Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II


* “Status Quo” The collective term I use to identify the elitists, royalty, international bankers and in general the evil empire that runs this planet. You know, the NWO.