The Certain Success of the Ron Paul Revolution - by Ernest Hancock

The Certain Success of the Ron Paul Revolution - by Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 04-03-2007
Subject: Eugenics

The Certain Success of the
Ron Paul Revolution
If the questions asked can be controlled, then solutions to important problems don’t matter. But liberty lovers can make the obvious seque between a stupid question and a real problem, and that is why the ‘Big Bad Guys’ must keep Ron Paul out of any of the debates. 
And if they can’t keep Ron Paul out of the debates then the front runners can’t be allowed to be shown up by him. The best example was the HBO live interview on Bill Maher's show where Bill made every effort to belittle Ron Paul and his opinions and Ron kicked his arrogant ass and won over Bill's own audience in the process. You can bet that the opposition campaigns are paying attention to the result of this interview. Watch it here and you'll understand.
Even Nancy Reagan’s request for Republican Candidates to debate at the Ronald Reagan Library this May has not produced the expected enthusiasm from Republican candidates to participate, due to Ron Paul’s immediate acceptance in my opinion.
My first thought when I saw this news was, ‘I wonder how John McCain is going to dodge this one?’
For the past 20 years I have been paying attention, and it has been painfully obvious that these "debates" are worthless distractions. I remember my high school years from 1975 to 1979 when we would openly make fun of the Russian electoral process with their multiple-choice selection of Communist candidates and a near perfect voter turnout percentage.

My attention to the electoral process gave me the early insight on what was happening and why. In America the people really did believe that they could make changes and were very insistent about it on a regular basis. This American trait had to be controlled in such a way that the effort could be directed away from the questioning of the source for the problems.
This concept was the underlying plot in the movie ‘The Matrix’. On a macro scale it is far more efficient to work hard on getting the vast majority of minds to accept the program they’re forced to plug into. By giving people the ‘illusion of choice’ you can delay the recognition of very unpleasant things. The resulting violence and mayhem inside the Matrix is of no concern to the central authority,… but even the slightest challenge to The Matrix itself will result in a team of ‘Agents’ with black suits, sunglasses and ear pieces making a visit so they can explain things to you.
The last 10 years have used movies to provide ‘the injection of the libertarian infection into the bone marrow of worldwide political thinking,… for which there is no cure’. Don’t think so? This will help you understand what I am talking about. MP3 - Libertarian view of the movies
"Atlas Shrugged" is a nice movie to end the 2008 election season with. With Angelina Jolie agreeing to play the lead female role, (and rumors that Brad Pitt might join her) it is certain to have an effect on the political landscape at a time that people are paying attention during an economic... (here is where you put your favorite adjective).
Millions of people have lined up to _not vote_ and all of the computer vote rigging that can be mustered will have little effect on a populace informed about why their futures have been taken away from them, their children and grandchildren.

The Ron Paul Revolution has little to do with a single man or what vote totals are reported by a coercive government's computers. It is about an idea that was America. If America didn’t exist the world would dream of her coming,… at least this use to be the world’s sentiment. Now the coming of America is a nightmare to good people that have done us no harm. I fear what we are doing to people in foreign lands will be turned on us because I know how I would react if I was in their place. In fact it is so obvious to me that I can not stop suspecting that those that profit most from it in various ways desire hatred and conflict. Ron Paul has done a great job reporting these facts from the floor of the House of Representatives and it did not go as unnoticed as some may have hoped.
But war isn’t the only method for fleecing the American people and others willing to buy our debt. The exposure of the largest robbery in the history of history is being exposed faster than the bad guys can seek cover. I don’t know the result of such things becoming general knowledge to the world, but I don’t think the guilty know either. If history is any indication there is going to be long line for at least a "metaphorical guillotine".
Soon we’ll see many of the worst authoritarians openly supporting Ron Paul in an effort to be spared a place in the guillotine line. And who will ask that mercy be granted those responsible for the theft of our future, or what form it should take? Would an army of out of work bureaucrats be a threat to a newly restored Constitutional Republic? Would a life sentence of living without the means to ‘legally’ extract wealth from others be enough to cause their demise, or are their crimes worthy of something else?
You may think it too early to think about such things but I see the time quickly approaching when we will be presented with opportunities to demonstrate our commitment to principle and justice for the whole world to witness. I haven’t thought about it much myself and have no direction I wish to advocate on such matters of justice. I am more focused on stopping the harm being done. After that I suspect a great deal of effort is going to be required rebuilding the American Dream and re-lighting the Liberty Torch. But I do fear the fact that the bad guys keep returning. Eternal Vigilance is good advice, and communication improvements like the Internet will be a very useful tool.
But enough day dreaming,… the task at hand now is the injection of the infection, the rest will take care of itself.
Yeah, I know that many don’t think this is enough. But time will tell and I am focused on the power of a freed mind. I often have people ask me why it is so difficult to open the eyes of the stubborn. Since my family attends a Christian church and my 4 children attended a Christian Jr/Sr High School for 6 years each, I have been exposed to more "W" bumper stickers than most people and I know from personal experience what others are referring to when they talk about closed minds.
But as hard core no-compromising as I am known to be, I can’t remember a single argument with any of these people I warmly refer to as my friends. I answer all questions put to me and make my positions clear. Asking them ‘zinger’ questions would only put any human on the defensive and shut down any thought process. My ‘slapping’ of government during a campaign is almost never directed at an individual, and is done for the education of those paying attention and the enjoyment of supporters.
The stubborn Christian that won’t ‘deny’ George W. Bush, give the impression to some that Bush/Republican Party/The Presidency/and the Savior are all linked in some way. But being up close with these individuals for many years, I think it is something else.
Examination of what has happened to this country demands that people of good conscience make a decision. So avoiding having to make that decision is the best defense for a mind and a life that is dependent on a social/economic structure and a paradigm that doesn’t change.
Counting on the leadership of large congregations to cooperate gets easier and easier the more the ‘organized church’ is entwined with the government with tax regulations, free speech restrictions during political campaigns and now faith based initiatives/bribes. But the tighter the fist the more that slips between the fingers of central planning. There is a rebellion brewing inside the minds of independent Christians and "the Market" will decide many things.
History is full of examples of great turmoil and change when large numbers of families are exposed to financial hardship. Government programs designed to redistribute the wealth of a managed economy only make problems worse by eliminating the greatest incentive to find a non-coercive solution. The punishment of the productive people and the rewarding of the non-productive represents the philosophy that has created the economic disaster that will provide the tipping point for the revolution between the ears that will result in wide support for Ron Paul.
It has been a long time coming, but soon the lies about the financial condition of the United States Government will be known to the general populations of the world. My personal goal is to keep my family safe so that the possibility of liberty on the other side of the collapse can be supported and enjoyed. And the more people that understand what has happened and why, the better chance we all have to restore The Republic. I have long advocated that no government is far preferable to the one we have now, but I would likely go back to enjoying the fruits of liberty if only the Bill of Rights were enforced.
The Declaration of Independence is just as applicable today as it was 230 years ago, and for the very same reasons. Only a few years later would come the effort to get America back onto a collective plantation with a central government, but the anti-federalist (libertarians of the day) knew that nothing would prevent the 3 branches of government from cooperating in an effort to deny the individual rights of a people newly freed. Having sacrificed a great deal, and even shedding their own blood, individuals like Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine were very sensitive to the creation of a structure to pass ‘rights stripping’ legislation. The power of a legislative branch to pass PATRIOT Acts that would then be signed by the executive branch and ruled "constitutional" by the judicial branch, was easy for them to predict. The argument resulted in the "10 Thou Shalt Not Commandments for Government" called the Bill of Rights.
is just as applicable today as it was 230 years ago, and for the very same reasons. Only a few years later would come the effort to get America back onto a collective plantation with a central government, but the anti-federalist (libertarians of the day) knew that nothing would prevent the 3 branches of government from cooperating in an effort to deny the individual rights of a people newly freed. Having sacrificed a great deal, and even shedding their own blood, individuals like Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine were very sensitive to the creation of a structure to pass ‘rights stripping’ legislation. The power of a to pass PATRIOT Acts that would then be signed by the and ruled "constitutional" by the was easy for them to predict. The argument resulted in the "10 Thou Shalt Not Commandments for Government" called the
The total abandonment of the Bill of Rights by every level of government in the United States has resulted in producing a situation unexpected by those in power. The compromise that was made between those seeking central power and those that opposed it, was to limit the power and scope of government to specific functions and to make it very clear what could never be legislated. Once one side has abandoned this agreement it is very difficult to argue that the other side is still obligated. "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."
My wife and I have always planned for the future of our four children knowing that there is always a Gandi, a Rosa Parks, a Martin Luther King Jr., a Reagan,… a "Neo" that becomes a symbol of something much larger than the individual.
"The Revolution won’t happen all at once,… but it will happen overnight" (Oh, and it won’t be televised) I often make this statement but it is not always fully understood. The message I am trying to convey is that the build up to a revolution between the ears, and eventually a real demand for change, is an obvious process to many that know what to look for. Fundamental human traits can always be expected to dominate the behavior of individuals. "…all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. " Such has been the patient sufferance of…". Such has been the patient sufferance of an entire planet’s population. Just as we would expect the Mexican people to take care of their own corrupt government, the world is waiting for us to take care of ours. The alternative is abandonment and isolation at a time when individual American entrepreneurs will need access to a world market to restore our economy.
The US government’s foreign policy begs the question, "why have we not been attacked more?" And even a more sobering thought,… will there come a time that the majority of Americans will be more sympathetic to the motivations of our attackers?
I often tell the tale of my first experience with email in 1994. I don’t remember the e-mail’s original purpose but I do remember the ‘Sig Line’. "Remember when we use to fear the Soviet Union would nuke Washington, D.C.,… And now we fear they won’t". Oooooh, is right. As controversial as many of you might find that statement now, imagine it in 1994. Waco was still fresh in the minds of most, and the word ‘Militia’ was as common as your favorite cola. What I immediately understood wasn’t so much the statement (as thought provoking as that was) but the fact that millions could be exposed to it in moments with electronic communications. It was then that FreedomsPhoenix was born in my head. Even the name and the logo concept would be decided by 1996, and all that was needed was the technology to catch up with the idea (I can’t even imagine what some 15 year old girl in India has in store for the bad guys in the years to come).
I remember an interview I did years ago on my radio program with one of the people behind the scenes in the early days of Wired Magazine. It was very interesting for me to learn that the founders of the magazine predicted (and were counting on) the individual empowerment of people with technology to produce a dramatic change in society for the better. This libertopia may not have been produced as quickly as they expected but I am very confident that it will be individual relationships between people around the globe, in orbit, on the Moon and other unknown locations, that will develop the common knowledge of just how damaging coercive government is and seek to ignore it at every opportunity (you feel it happening right now, don’t you?)
Due to Ron Paul’s record in support of liberty, and taking his oath of office seriously for so many years, it is easy to understand why his campaign is such a lightning rod for those in support of what Ron Paul represents.
Ron Paul was very clear at every appearance here in Phoenix this past weekend about his understanding that it is the message that is getting so much support. And I have been just as clear that it takes a respected messenger to stand behind the podiums during the 2008 election cycle so the world can make the comparison.
It is this comparison that the other unworthy candidates and their supporters fear.
But with the availability of YouTube, Google Video, cheap DVDs, Satellite communications, cable TV and the Comedy Channel, the exclusion of Ron Paul in traditional forums removes all doubt about just how lacking the other candidates are, and how irrelevant the MainStreamMedia (MSM) has become.
The traits required to represent the American people and America’s ideals are lacking in a very crowded field and this is well known to those inside the system. So what can they do to regain control of minds being freed at an ever increasing rate? I don’t know,… but they sure as hell are going to try.
When Time Magazine covered the Republican field this past week and produced a chart that highlighted how many spouses the candidates have had you got to know that the MSM in America has become more than worthless.
MySpace was recently purchased by Rupert (Fox News) Murdoch for $580 Million,… now do you see why? This will be very interesting to watch. It comes as no surprise then that the office of Homeland Security has sought the ability to "turn off" the Internet.

Ron Paul doesn’t need to have an intimate knowledge of the capabilities of the Internet,… because he already has an intimate knowledge of individual creativity. His understanding of libertarian philosophy is a crystal ball into the future of what a 17 year old can accomplish with the ability to communicate with the planet. Video, audio, graphics, photos and words are WMDs to collectivists and all Ron Paul has to do is exactly what he has been doing for decades. Ron Paul’s clear support for the US Constitution and the libertarian philosophy, that he is proud to advocate, isn’t the detriment that other candidates are convinced by their handlers they are.
Collectives like Government, Political Parties and Churches that were created to support a noble and popular cause eventually have as their primary function the perpetuation of an expensive organization. Here in Arizona we have benefited from a clean and clear message by many great candidates over the years that have not had the burden of an organization to support so that the message is the primary focus. These circumstances have created very fertile ground for the Ron Paul campaign. A well known quote by the Libertarian candidate for governor in 2002 and 2006, Barry Hess, applies to what happens inside all of our collectives. "The Ship of State is sinking. The difference between libertarians and the others is that we want to save the people, and they want to save the ship."
Ron Paul’s proud and loud defense of the libertarian philosophy, the philosophy that began the greatest experiment in human history, is what will guarantee his success,… no matter what the vote totals are.