4-16, 2007 

Frosty Wooldridge

By Frosty Wooldridge


While we kids grew up, my father often said,

"Use your common sense before you make decisions."

At other times, when he saw someone reaching under a running power-mower to clear the grass, or pitching a baseball with a kid standing in front of a plate glass window, he lamented,

"Those guys don't have the common sense

God gave a goose!"

Today, my late father, a 27-year master sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, would certainly shake his head in disbelief after hearing the latest speech from President George W. Bush, by saying,

"That guy doesn't have an ounce of common sense."

He would say the same about the Pelosi-Reid-Kennedy troika, and the equally foolish Flake-Gutierrez duo.  We have captive idiots at the helm today.

What is common sense?

According to the dictionary, "Sound and prudent judgment."

After terrorists bombed America out of its perceived safety on 9/11, common sense dictated that we take energetic steps to totally control our borders and STOP immigrating into our country people from terrorist regions around the world.  

Additionally, common sense mandated that we FIRST secure our leakiest southern borders from terrorist incursions.

Instead, Bush led attacks on Iraq" 10,000 miles away" while leaving our continental U.S. borders wide open.  In his open-borders mania, he continues immigrating millions of people from the land of Islam" as if none of them might become terrorists on our own soil.

Please, help me here; Can anyone figure out what Bush uses for common sense ?

Iraq-Afghanistan Study Group; Hon. James Baker

After the James Baker's Iraq Study Group showed the United States couldn't win Iraq's civil war, common sense dictated that Bush best begin logical, prudent and rational withdrawal from an un-winnable and deadly conflict.

Even if we won that war, what would we win?  

Instead of withdrawing, Bush sent in more soldiers that, as the news illustrates every week, die or suffer horrific amputations along with other misery in an unending spiral of violence.  

I must concede that there have been mini-successes, but" at what price ?

Meanwhile" What's happening on "the mainland?"

All the while, a documented 13 million American children live below the poverty line, and another 1.3 million American children suffer homelessness.   Many do not have enough to eat, and get precious little in medical and social-services care.

A whopping 14 million unemployed Americans struggle with joblessness, hopelessness and uselessness" depression is rampant.  Due to a "cutsy" approach to counting heads, the Bureau of Labor (BLS) does not count the 20 million more" the "chronically unemployed." 

Meanwhile, Bush rebuilds Iraq's society with American taxpayer dollars.  Correction: he's spent $789 billion on credit to be paid by future generations.  Next year at this time, the invoice will surpass a TRILLION U.S. dollars !

If you're not angry, you're part of the problem

Our president does nothing to change the status of 14 million unemployed Americans, the 20 million "chronically employed," our 3.3 million homeless adults (many Vietnam vets) and our 1.3 million homeless children.

What are we thinking ?

Meanwhile, he allowed more than ten million legal immigrants to flood America in the first six years of his administration" many being people that further erode jobs, housing and schools for American families.

At the same time, an estimated 20 million illegal aliens crossed our borders without inspection, while Bush makes excuses for them to be here illegally"and wants to grant them amnesty.  Do bank-robbers get amnesty ?

Where is the common sense ?

The illusion of progress

Last month, Bush told Americans that this country would drop oil consumption by 20 percent in ten years by 2017. How?

"We'll promote ethanol, hybrid cars and conservation."

What didn't he tell the public?  In the same 10 years, America will increase its population by 30 million people, or more, thus negating any conservation.  This population increase will be far worse if the Kennedy-Pelosi-Reid team gets the amnesty and guest-workers that our president covets. 

The 1986-IRCA amnesty circus taught us" stupid is as stupid does.  The 3.4 million granted amnesty and citizenship back then have resulted in nearly 40 million more citizens today" by having babies and sponsoring more naturalized citizens.   Inevitable.

Pollution increases tell the story

The process proves simple" adding that many people increases consumption. Where is the common sense?   That increases things like greenhouse gases, water pollution, etc.

Even more sobering: how could the American people remain so naïve, or perhaps a better word" stupid , to accept the incompetence of Congress and Bush ?

Trade-deficits and jobs lost

In the past six years of the Bush administration, annual trade deficits run $700 billion" almost exactly what the Iraq-Afghanistan wars cost YOU, the American taxpayers.   Double trouble !

We are sitting like lemmings" while foreign-nationals eat our proverbial lunch. 

During the recent six years -- over three million manufacturing jobs vacated our country.  More than one million American IT jobs were swallowed up by foreign-nationals here with H-1B, H-2B and L-1 visas.

Dumb and dumber.

We have "forgotten" how to compete and manage successfully

Chrysler, owned by a powerful German multi-national conglomerate, is failing and is now for sale.  General Motors and Ford dangle at the end of their collective hooks like so many steer carcasses in a packing plant" as they drop 30,000 jobs in two years.  Meanwhile, the high-integrity Toyota builds more and more U.S. factories.

All of these failures are easily traced to our lack of sensible strategic plans. 

Where, for instance, is our U.S. National Immigration Strategic Plan ?   Would you be surprised to learn" there is nobody singularly in charge of immigration in the U.S.  Instead, we have tactical bureaucratic geniuses in fiefdoms competing with one-another, dancing to the tune of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce" Departments of State, Labor, Commerce, DHS, and others.  Incredibly stupid!

As my father would say, "Why doesn't Bush use common sense?"

Expensive social-services for illegal aliens come first

While 40 million Americans can't afford health insurance for themselves and their children, Bush supports more than 20 million illegal aliens and their children & grand-children with automatic "free" health care in every hospital in this country.

He supports more than 380,000 illegal alien mothers birthing 380,000 anchor babies annually with full funding from American taxpayers.  Average birth, pre-natal and post-natal care cost no less than $8,000 to $12,000 per kid, depending on region of the country.  If such a child suffers premature birth or birth defect, costs run into the millions.  

While our beloved president supports illegal aliens abusing our rights, he won't support American citizens and their children with basic health care.  Where is the common sense of that ?

Foreclosures are the tip of the iceberg

With home foreclosures reaching epidemic levels, consumer debt at $2 trillion and the average credit card holder suffering a $9,149.00 balance" wouldn't it, and please follow me here, wouldn't it make common sense that President Bush, for once, represent American workers, American interests, American children, America education and our culture?

Instead of blowing off $2 billion a week paying for the Iraq-Afghanistan Wars" based on the threat of illusionary WMD (weapons of mass destruction), better known as "Willful Mass Deception," wouldn't it make more sense to exert a stop-loss effort; bring our troops home, stop the killing-maiming, guard our own borders and perhaps spend money on America's interests, i.e., our own children and citizens?

Wouldn't it make more common sense for Bush to deal with and resolve America and America's challenges?   Wouldn't it make more sense to guard our borders from terrorists instead of provoking more terrorism in the land of Islam?

Finally, the worst nightmare Bush bequeaths upon future Americans finds his dirty little secret of jumping legal immigration from 1 to 2 million annually.  His actions today propel us toward an added 100 million people by 2040.  If we don’t have enough problems today with air pollution, gridlocked cities, crowding, endangered species, climate change, educational, medical and other problems, Bush adds to our social nightmare by jumping our population issues from insane to ultra insane.  In other words, Bush has taken leave of his senses as he forces us down his insane path.

We suffer from a leadership mess

The U.S. Congress cowers in the pocket of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce" puppets to big-business.  The 'checks-and-balances' are smoke-and-mirrors" illusion.   Our fore-fathers roll in their graves.

Bush proves daily a man out of his league.  He possesses no vision, shows no direction or understanding of the dilemma he forces on America.  He uses no reasoned approach to our nation's pressing challenges.  Instead, he reaps dishonor upon this fragile Republic, chaos in Iraq and misery upon our citizens.  

The "silliest" one yet" President Bush cleverly sent the best and brightest of the DHS C&BP (Border Patrol) to secure the Iraq borders, while our borders remain wide-open, and our Border Patrol is short 80,000 officers. 

How else can the illicit drugs from Mexico come here to induce our people into a stupor?

As my late father Master Sergeant Howard Wooldridge would say, "President George W. Bush lacks the common sense that God gave a goose!"