Frosty Wooldridge

Newsweek publisher Jonathan Alter fashioned a genius piece of literature in his essay, “Trouble from the Top Down.”  He wrote, “If Bush is stubborn and too sure that he has all the answers, the modeling of his behavior is likely to result in decisions you would ground your teenager for...Bush’s inattention to the execution of his grand ideas has had fatal consequences.”


To put those consequences in perspective, Bush caused the deaths of 655,000 Iraqis, 3,200 U.S. soldiers and abetted 24,000 gutted, amputated and wounded of our nation’s finest young men and women.  Bush dropped depleted uranium bombs on Iraq that continue impacting for hundreds of years in mutated children and birth defects for progeny of our returning servicemen. 


Bush’s legacy includes sectarian civil war slated to kill tens of thousands more while it does nothing to ensure America’s safety or Iraq’s.   In his depleted emotional state, he vowed “…we won’t leave Iraq until victory.”  Meanwhile, national polls show 70 percent of Americans want us out of Iraq. The common man possesses more common sense than the president. 


How did Bush fail at such an extreme level especially with hundreds of thousands of other peoples’ lives? We must look at the same reasons why he failed with his baseball teams and oil companies.   Bush never made academics a priority at Yale University.  He avoided discipline.


Instead of excellence, he pursued a life of mediocrity, coasting and incompetence.


After fabricating the initial lie of weapons of mass destruction, he twisted that perspective into a half dozen other reasons for remaining in Iraq.  At one moment, we saw herdsmen with red dye on their fingers as if their vote changed 1,600 years of theocratic rule in an instant.  


Bush used his limited understandings of Islam to force “democracy” into a region whose religion successfully followed “Sharia Law” for the past 1,600 years.  Trying to change Islam into “democracy” is like trying to tell a rabid Pit Bull not to bite.  You cannot crossbreed a rattlesnake religion with a Canada goose to create a swan.  You create a flying rattlesnake capable of 9/11.


How we do anything in life is how we do everything.


Today, as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Bush’s folly translates into our national suicide.   Whereas he wouldn’t or didn’t consider consequences of stepping into a viper’s den in Iraq while wearing not much more than his lifelong arrogance as armor, he allows our nation’s borders a 24 hour open mall for countless terrorists.  Where he used WMD to provoke the Iraq War, he uses, “They do the jobs Americans won’t do” to allow gross violations of the U.S. Constitution by employers and 12 million people illegally residing inside America. 


He makes no attempt to distinguish between migrant workers, criminals, sex traders, drug smugglers or terrorists that cross our borders.  A full 10 percent of border crossers feature criminal records.  He encourages illegals entering our country to brutalize our educational, medical and prison systems under the guise of ‘education’ and ‘social awareness.’  This invasion of our borders continues five years after 9/11; that’s gross incompetence!


Meanwhile, how do you think those bloody “insurgents” keep supplying themselves with IED explosives?  Bush hasn’t secured Iraq’s borders thus giving unending supply of explosives and ammunition that kill our soldiers.


In a lifetime of mediocrity, he wasn’t a competent man running for the office of president as much as he was “electable.”  Now that he sits in the Oval Office, his lifetime of folly catches up with him, to our soldiers and, worst of all"our nation hangs in the cross hairs of incompetence.


Men of character and integrity created this nation.  George Walker Bush couldn’t stand in the same room as Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, George Washington or James Madison.  If everyone knew Bush’s vacuous history, he wouldn’t be invited to stand in the same room with any combat soldier from Valley Forge to Iraq.   


A war that Bush launched by twisting intelligence"continues with twisting body counts.  Shakespeare’s “tangled web” of deceit spins from the top, but its threads extend everywhere.