Frosty Wooldridge 
Date: 6-4-2007
Subject: Environment

Part 35: National solutions to our dilemma

Where do we start?  What on earth can anyone do to change the grave results of adding 100 million people to the United States by 2040?  If the current S.B. 1348 passes on mass  amnesty for illegal alien migrants, Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation states that America will add as many as 103 million by 2027.   What about the fact that the rest of humanity expects another three billion added by 2050? Why won’t our leaders speak up about an issue so dire that it affects every American today and in the future?

Why wouldn’t anyone question adding 100 million people to the US population when millions sit in gridlock traffic, breathe toxic air, pay more for everything, suffer water shortages"and know that it can only worsen?

Heck of a question!  Everyone runs from the answer.

As you can imagine--religions, emotions, cultures and history lock most humans into paradigms formed 2,000 years ago.  While such paradigms fail in the 21st century, most humans cling to those beliefs as a life raft in the desert when they should be searching for water.  Capitalism, corporations and religions’ premise that humans can multiply forever shall prove our greatest obstacle to reasonable choices.

As you read this series, you realize our civilization stands at risk.  What can you do?

In all of recorded history, passionate men and women rose out of nowhere to take action to right some wrong.  Some became famous and most did not.   Fame meant nothing to them other than it became a byproduct of their actions.  Another aspect of their work rendered what Malcolm Gladwell called a “tipping point” in history where change occurred via the bravery and passion of common persons with uncommon determination. 

That “tipping point” became critical mass that provoked American colonists to fight and die for their new country.  Susan B. Anthony provided a “tipping point” to gain voting rights for women.  In India, Gandhi’s walk to the sea provided a “tipping point” to oust the British. Dr. Martin Luther King provoked the civil rights movement.

Which great person in history inspires you? John Muir? Teddy Roosevelt? Charles Lindbergh? Amelia Earhart?  Harry Truman?  Your dad?  Your mom? What do they all possess in common? Noble purpose!

That was their time; this is yours.

I invite you to bring your highest creative energy to this noblest hour in history.  What we do in the next decade will change the course of history for America and the world.  That can mean for the better or worse, depending on our collective actions.

How can we stop the United States from adding 100 million people?

In this 35th part of the series, we’ll examine logical, practical and reasonable choices to stabilize America’s population to a sustainable future for all citizens.  By taking actions for ourselves, we will inspire and invite other countries to establish their own choices.

Since the U.S. female enjoys a 2.03 fertility level, it’s not America growing its population from within.  What causes our accelerating population grow? Short answer: immigration both legal and illegal.

Since you own your house, you can choose to have 20 guests or 100 guests depending on your choices.  We as a nation must choose how many guests we want in our ‘house’.

1. A TEN YEAR MORATORIUM ON ALL IMMIGRATION: This would allow our country to regain its collective breath.  It would allow us to regain our schools, language, medical facilities, financial balance, ecological viability and order, which is necessary for a First World country to operate for all its citizens. 

We must employ a linkage strategy. Congressman Tom Tancredo said, “The challenge is enormous and you have to talk about a moratorium.  You can’t talk about anything short of a moratorium because, frankly, anything less will never get you one step closer to population stabilization.”

After the 10 year immigration moratorium, a maximum of 100,000 immigrants with needed skills to our benefit and who speak the English language before they arrive will be allowed into the United States. If that maintains our stable population, we can continue. If not, we must continue  the moratorium.

2.  DEVELOP AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT FOR THE CARRYING CAPACITY OF THE UNITED STATES:  How many people can this nation hold and still maintain our standard of living and quality of life?  How can we reach it in order to provide the “American Dream” for all citizens?  How can we maintain enough water and farmland to feed ourselves instead of depending on imports from other countries as global warming and gasoline become more critical?  What is our population limit?

3. DEVELOP A NATIONAL POPULATION POLICY:  The world must deal with the harsh reality of limited human population.  As the leader of the free world, we must lead in the understanding that a national population policy will give future generations a sustainable and viable future.  Without it, we drive forward with no idea of where we’re heading and where we’ll end up.  China is already where we don’t want to go and India is even worse because it keeps driving its civilization over a cliff as it adds another 500 million by 2050.  We must move toward a two children or less family policy. We can do it by choice today because we’re already at 2.03 children per American female.  If we wait, we’ll be in the same boat as the Chinese with forced one child per family.

Of course, the first thing religious leaders will scream is “abortion” and other critical name calling.  No, a population policy allows choice before     our civilization runs out of choices.

4. FAMILY PLANNING WORLDWIDE: The United States and other First World countries need to assist other countries with family planning methods.  Birth control is a major aspect of family planning.  Without it, Third World countries suffer endless population increases and degradation. 

The Catholic Church, Protestants, Islam and other religions that continually work against family planning must step out of the Dark Ages and into the 21st century.  We can promote education that spotlights their entrenched thinking based on concepts that formed 2,000 years ago.  Humans must work in harmony with nature and that means we must stabilize our numbers. We must maintain one or two children families worldwide.

It’s not logical to think any of these great religions would flip to a rational action by accepting family planning any time soon.  Therefore, we are obligated to take care of our citizens first to ensure our country’s viability.  After that, we may continue our assistance worldwide.

5. DEVELOPMENTAL ASSISTANCE: First World countries need to assist with development, housing, education, fresh water, family planning and health care for countries that suffer from this planet-wide population crisis. Help them in their own countries. That means tractors, crop techniques, irrigation, etc.  Not money because money only goes into the hands of the leaders.

6.  ELECT SENATORS AND CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES WHO REPRESENT AMERICANS: One of the reasons Congress and our President have created this national nightmare stems from their being members of the ‘good old boy’s network.  They are the ‘elites’ who never worry about mortgages or car payments like the rest of us. As long as they represent massive immigration as well as corporations who pander this nightmare, you will not see change.  You must elect leaders who will take action on behalf of Americans. 

A scant 50 percent of Americans vote in national elections. Local elections rate less than 20 percent participation most of the time.  More Americans see this crisis and more Americans are stepping up to the plate. They are running for office in many states. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT WAY TO SAVE AMERICA:  You! Use the Internet with web sites that create collective action.  Connect with all Americans.  Use your money and your time.  Stand up. Write.  Call.  Radio talk shows.  Call on TV networks and express your anger.  Express your ideas.  Be heard. Be seen.  Be passionate.  Demand. Expect action.  Become action in motion.

In the second part of this last chapter, we’ll examine what you can do individually to make a difference in your home, community, state and nation.  You’ll be furnished with web sites and actions that will change the course of  history.