Response to Anti-endorsement of Ron Paul - by Larkin Rose

Response to Anti-endorsement of Ron Paul - by Larkin Rose
Morpheus Titania 
Date: 6/21/07
Subject: Eugenics

Response to Anti-endorsement of Ron Paul - by Larkin Rose
In response to my anti-endorsement of Ron Paul (actually, my condemnation of the entire scam called "democracy"), several people disagreed, and in their messages implied that, though it's an uphill battle, working within the system (e.g., for campaigns like Ron Paul's) is our only hope of achieving freedom. In the same vein, they complained that I offered no alternative "solution" to the problem. In fact, several people interpreted my message as giving up, or throwing in the towel. I assure you, that is NOT the case.

Imagine you lived in a primitive tribe which, when there was a drought, would offer up human sacrifices to their gods, and pray to their gods for rain. They did this year after year, but droughts would still happen. Then one day, one dude says, "Hey, guys, have you noticed that this human sacrifice routine DOESN'T WORK!?" That radical might go so far as to advocate the "extreme" position that the tribe should STOP sacrificing people altogether.

"Oh, so we're just going to LET the droughts happen and do nothing? You're just going to give up? You have to work within the system, and improve our sacrifice rituals to get a better result. I know the system isn't perfect, but we can't just give up! Imagine how little rain we'd get if we DIDN'T do the sacrifices!"

The radical dude would probably have a tough time getting the others to think outside of the box of human-sacrifice-related "solutions." I mean WAY outside the box, like piping in water from the nearby lake, or making rain-catching reservoirs--in other words, things that might actually work.

I am NOT suggesting that you give up on trying to achieve freedom. I'm suggesting that you give up on the traditional, perpetually failing "solution" called "government." How long have people prayed to IT to save them, and how often has it worked? At least when you offer up human sacrifices to imaginary gods, it doesn't make the weather WORSE, whereas when you look to "authority" to improve humanity, it ALWAYS makes it worse.

If you see working within the "system" as your only means to achieve freedom, you are VOLUNTEERING to be powerless. We were all trained to think that way: to view playing the games of tyrants as the only decent, civilized way to try to reduce tyranny. How goofy is that? If we need to ASK the tyrants whether we can be free, what do you think they will say? If we're given two tyrants to choose from, and we ACCEPT that our only choice is to pick one, well, no wonder we're where we are.

I'm not asking you to give up. I'm asking you to stop advocating human sacrifices. Open your eyes, and realize it doesn't WORK. Elections, Constitutions and petitions are not the road to freedom. Those paths cannot lead there.

To put it another (slightly cliche) way, the primary problem is not the shackles on your body, but the shackles on your mind. Imagine two slaves a couple hundred years ago: one who believes himself to be the rightful property of his "owner," the other who believes that he owns himself. The ONLY recourse of the first is to ASK his owner to "give" him freedom, while the second knows he has every right to claim his own freedom by any means necessary. The first is doomed to be enslaved forever, because he has ACCEPTED the idea that someone else has the RIGHT to rule him.

Likewise, those of you who still revere "government," "authority," and "law" (statutory) are accepting the premise that you BELONG to the state; that you have no right to be free until the commands of tyrants give you permission to be free (which, not surprisingly, doesn't happen). I'm not suggesting you give up on your attempt to be free; I'm suggesting that you give up the DELUSION that will keep you enslaved forever: your belief in "authority." Until you do that, all of your actions will amount to, "Please, Massah!" And how far do you expect that to get you?


Larken Rose