Dave Hodges
Wake Up Arizona!  

 “The most dangerous area where our laws are not being faithfully executed are the laws designed to protect Americans against the millions of aliens who enter our country illegally every year." 

                                       Phyllis Schlafly               

Do Arizonans want to live in a constitutional republic or do we want to live in a corporate welfare state? Do the laws exist to protect the citizens, or the bottom line of the corporations? In Arizona, this question will likely be answered by the courts. The outcome regarding our preferred form and purpose of government largely depends on how Arizona handles the illegal immigration debate and subsequent hiring practices.  


Arizona State Speaker the House Jim Weiers (R-Phoenix), State Senator Karen Johnson (R-Mesa) and Representative Russell Pearce (R-Mesa) represent a growing number of legislators who are listening to their constituents and are consequently risking their political careers in the brave attempt to preserve American culture, American law, and the preservation of American sovereignty through their attempted prohibition of the practice of hiring illegal aliens.  



Representative Pearce and his legislative allies brilliantly crafted HB 2779 (aka Fair and Legal Employment Act) which prohibits employers from knowingly hiring illegal aliens. On the first offense, businesses would be forced to surrender their business license for 10 days. The second offense would result in a business license revocation.


The law is very much needed and is constitutional as evidenced by United States Code (USC) Title 8 Section 1325 which states that "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who:

1. “Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or,

2. Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or,

3. The willful concealment of a material fact; has committed a federal crime” (Find Law, 2007).



Violations are punishable by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in prison. Additional civil fines may be imposed at the by immigration judges, but civil fines do not negate criminal sanctions. (Find Law, 2007).



Arizonans, as well as the rest of America, are overwhelmingly in favor of curtailing illegal immigration because of the degradation being done to the United States due to the scourge caused by the tsunami of felonious trespassers. Even the liberal leaning Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, has been forced to acquiesce to the will of the Arizona people as she subsequently signed HB 2779 into law. The people have spoken, or so it would seem.



A newly formed coalition, Wake Up Arizona, headed by McDonald’s franchisee owner, Mac Magruder, along with Phoenix Suns Chief Executive Jerry Colangelo, Tucson auto businessman Jim Click, and Meritage Homes Chief Executive Steve Hilton are leading the charge to overturn the law and to specifically target and subsequently unseat the legislators who played key roles in the passage of HB 2779 (Bensen, 2007).



The supporters of hiring illegal immigrants claim that the people of Arizona have no right to defend its borders because to do so violates the 10th amendment; thus, making the action, unconstitutional. Wake Up Arizona and other like-minded groups cannot have it both ways when it comes to constitutional issues. Where was the United States government failed in both its constitutional and fiduciary duty to enforce the immigration laws in the name of securing cheap labor for the transnational corporations through willful neglect?



What possible motive could these fine Arizona businessmen have in trying to usurp the will of Arizona citizens and both houses of Arizona’s Legislature? It is the considered opinion of this writer that the staunch opposition of Wake Up Arizona to HB 2779 is tantamount to an admission of guilt that these businesses and their owners are knowingly hiring illegal aliens; thus committing a felony. 



McDonalds owner and major GOP player, Mac Magruder, is the apparent spokesperson for Wake Up Arizona and he unashamedly states that “I don’t believe the people of Arizona have any idea of the unintended consequences of the law our governor just signed” (Bensen, 2007, p. 16). What unintended consequences, Mr. Magruder? Gee, Mac, are you and your group suggesting that the people of Arizona should fear following our immigration laws and subsequent hiring regulations? Does Mr. Magruder really believe that the people of Arizona should willingly support the true agenda of this group, which is the continued attainment of an ever-increasing profit margin created by the hiring cheap labor illegal aliens, at the expense of legal residents’ jobs?  


On Monday morning, I am sending a letter to the United States Attorney and will be asking for a legal investigation of the hiring practices for the members of Wake Up Arizona. Specifically, I am asking for the United States Attorney to determine if there are overt criminal acts being committed by Wake Up Arizona members. If so, I am asking that legal sanctions be imposed on the offenders under USC Title 8, Section 1325.  



Americans, everywhere, are fed up with illegal immigration and those who promote and profit from it. Therefore I am asking for all Arizonans to add their voice to mine by requesting that the United States Attorney investigate the hiring practices of these individuals and their businesses.



It is time to hold the individuals accountable who would sacrifice this great country for their own personal profit. If Wake Up Arizona can target constitutionally abiding legislators for doing the will of the people, then turnabout is fair play. Therefore, I am also calling for a public boycott of all business interests associated with Wake Up Arizona until such time that these businesses demonstrate that they will honor our laws.



One in ten people born in Mexico now live in the United States. The elite of Mexico have conspired, with the elite in this country, to send, to America, millions of their impoverished underclass in order to avoid paying the welfare costs for the bottom 10% of this population. American elite, such as Mac Magruder and Jim Click benefit, at American taxpayers expense, from this intentional population transfer, by being able to hire cheap labor.



According to the Heritage Foundation (2007), American taxpayers are paying $17,000 for each illegal alien that Mac Magruder, Jim Click, et al hire in the name of obtaining cheap labor. Enough is enough and this modern day version of lawless slavery, must be ended once and for all!



Arizonans need to speak in one collective voice and send the clear message that the expressed will of the people be done. If the members of Wake Up Arizona were to actually spend a few days in jail and see their bottom lines diminish from a spontaneous boycott, for their assumed participation in the commission of a felony, perhaps the members of Wake Up Arizona would come to realize that the laws apply equally to them as well. Wake up Arizona!   



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