Frosty Wooldridge



Last week, the column on Americans being ‘ethnically cleansed’ out of their own communities created an avalanche of mail.  Isn’t it amazing that our government protects other countries from invasion, but betrays and openly invites displacement of our own citizens?



Read what more Americans say about being run out of their own communities.



Bud Hamilton, Sugarland, Texas, wrote, “This situation already exists in my home town of Houston.  We haven't stood our ground in years.  We have experienced violence on a small scale so far.....we already have ghettos teaming with illiterate Spanish speaking, non-citizens, and they already have created their own versions of the third world right here in Houston.  There are parts of Houston where if you didn't know better, you'd really think you are in Mexico. 



“Some of my neighbors have asked me, "Aren't you afraid you'll get robbed walking down there at the park?"  And "you shouldn't walk at the park alone, it's not safe.”    Sugar Land is an affluent suburb of Houston and even here they're taking over all public service areas while we native born Americans are staying away and letting them have them.  Meanwhile Sugar Land is mentioned as one of the top 10 most desirable cities to live in due to our multicultural diversity of our schools and neighborhoods.  Our homeowner's taxes are through the roof... our schools are rife with ESL classes.  My grandchildren are in the minority in their "wonderful diverse student bodies.”



“Muslim students are given special accommodations at our public schools while Christmas can no longer be celebrated and we have huge Mosques nearby our

neighborhoods.   I think it's already too late.  Bush has revealed his true intentions during his second term and like it or not he's implemented them through the federal courts while ignoring our Constitution.  Johnny Sutton targets our border guards and sends them to prison for trying to defend us from illegal drug runners while our schools, hospitals and police officers are overwhelmed servicing all the Illegals and their kids whom they are forbidden from asking if they are here legally.



John Hamilton said, “I left Long Island, NY in 1981. I arrived in Silicon Valley and had a job as an electronics tech within two weeks. I earned a degree as I worked.


“I first experienced racial discrimination while there. This was socially as well in the work place. The most vehement spewers were US born Mexicans. They actually attached themselves to and interferred in my life for years until they drove me away.  I was told to go back to Europe. My family has been in the New World since 1600's or before.


“In Florida, Tampa/ St Petersburg I had the UN interfering on behalf of Bosnian Moslem relocaters. They sabotaged each American's cars systematically until I was the last remaining American still standing. My supervisors were UN employees bragging how they had more rights than I!  One an Italian and the other an African!  We were replaced with more Moslems.”


Terry Funderburk, Columbia, SC wrote, “I own a small construction business installing copper on new homes. I have been in business for 20 years and always had plenty of work lined up.  Last year my business grossed $176,000.00. This year though, seven months into 2007 I have only done $18,000.00 of business so far. This time last year I was at $120,000.00.


“It's because of the illegal competition, you know, the fellows that are here to do the jobs that Americans don't or won't do. They are killing my business this year. The last few months I have lost plenty of sleep worrying about how to pay the bills and the help. Well, things came to a head this week.  I bid on a copper job. The house was struck by lightning last year, rebuilt and was almost ready for the copper. I had done two different copper jobs for this particular homeowner and knew him slightly. Anyway I asked him if it was ready for copper so he told me to measure it and give him a bid. He said also that an international roofing crew had installed the shingles and that if I wanted to do the copper I needed to give him a real low bid because if it was too high he was going to let his illegals do it. I bid $5 grand for the labor. To tell you the truth I thought I had gotten the job because he said it would be ready in a few weeks.



“This past Monday morning I drove by the job and found some illegals already installing the copperwork. I got real mad then, I went home made me 2 picket signs to protest those illegals. I called my son and had him meet me at that job. I gave him my digital camera and told him to park across the street and to take as many pictures as he could. I also told him to call the local news channel when the cops pulled up.  One thing, when I left home I told my wife to not expect me home that night because I was going to get myself arrested to make a point. I got out of my vehicle and started walking up and down the road in front of the job, yelling at the top of my lungs, the homeowner came out to see what was happening and called the cops then.



“I made so much noise that all his neighbors came out to see what the commotion was, I called him a cheap bastard in front of them and that I was going broke because So-called Americans like him would rather pay the illegals cheap and put the difference in his pocket. I was enraged. I didn't shut up. Every vehicle that came by I made sure they knew what was going on. After about 30 or 40 minutes a cop finally pulled up, got out, came up to me took my sign out of my hands and asked me if I would come to his patrol car. I asked him if I was under arrest. He said no so I told him to let me go give my sign back so I could continue expressing my first amendment rights. He then grabbed me forcefully and started shoving me towards his car. I sat down in the middle of the road. He tried to jerk me back to my feet but I yelled police brutality to my son and to be sure he got the picture. The cop then took his hands off me; he was kind of scared at that point.



“I was mad though, I was still yelling, a parade of cars came by to see what was happening. He called for a back up after that. It took 30 more minutes for another cop to arrive. When he came, they picked me up by my elbows and shoved me in the back seat. They went over and started talking to the homeowner. God, I was so mad, so damn frustrated, worrying about going bankrupt and here the cops are taking the side of the people breaking the law. The first cop got in the front seat and started writing a ticket, I asked him again if I was under arrest and he said no. I asked him what was the charge against me and he said cursing. I started laughing, hilariously, because it was funny. I said let me ask you something, which crime is worse, me cursing, the homeowner breaking the law by knowingly employing illegals or the illegals themselves by being here illegally. Here is what I found out about which crime is the worst. It is cursing. For cursing I spent 24 hours in jail. The lawbreaking homeowner got a pat on the back for calling the police and the illegals finished the job before I got out of jail the next day. But it isn't over with by a long shot.



“Tuesday after jail I emailed and called eight different lawyers because there is no way I was going to plead guilty.  I went to jail to make a statement and there is no way I am going to let it go that way. The lawyer told me if I wanted to fight it to request a jury trial so that’s what I did Friday morning in court. I don't know how I will pay for the lawyer but I will somehow. The lawyer also told me that my case is going to be very sensitive politically. He said they were going to try to keep it quiet. He said that if we win the jury trial that will open the door to some lawsuits against the homeowner, the contractor and the lady that owns the

roofing company that stole my copperwork.



“This lady, Jo Dell Pickens was interviewed by the State newspaper on 27 June, it was an article that took the illegals side of the equation. However in the article Miss Pickens said that she employed 22 illegal Hispanics. So in that article she is admitting to breaking at least 22 of our laws. This woman and her illegals are on the verge of bankrupting me and everybody thinks I'm just supposed to keep quiet, accept it and go on to something else. Nope!



“Friday after court I stopped by police headquarters and picked up my protest sign and tried to find out where to get a protest permit. I plan on picketing the state capitol here in a couple of weeks. I also stopped by the state newspaper office to find out the name of the reporter that did the article on Miss Pickens, I told her I wanted to be interviewed so someone could give the opposite side of the article she wrote before. She is supposed to get back with me but I probably won't hear from her again because that paper has an agenda dealing with the open borders crowd. One last thing, I am from Senator Lindsey Graham's state but I am not a bigot. I am married to a beautiful lady from the Philippines. It took 2 years and 15 grand for visa and lawyer fees to get her here. She has been here 2 years now, can't get a job or drivers license until she gets her green card. The legal immigration part is just as messed up as the illegal side is.



Fellow Americans, this happens all over our country.  Our president and Congress support “ethnic cleansing” of Americans by not enforcing our laws.  Thousands upon thousands of these same stories occur every day in our country.



This past weekend in Grand Junction, Colorado, six Mexicans beat up two Americans sitting down at an outside café eating dinner.  As reported in the Grand Junction Sentinel:  “The two boys sat down Sunday to grab something to eat and were sitting outside the restaurant when a red Honda pulled into the

parking lot and a group of young Hispanic men got out.



“Nathan Corle, 16, said the men began yelling at them, calling them "white

boys" and asking them what they were looking at and if they wanted to

fight.  He said he laughed because he thought it was a joke.  Sam Corle, 19, said he had his head down and was taking a bite of his burrito when one of the men ran around behind him and punched him in the side of his head. "I had no idea why they were attacking us," Nathan Corle said. "No normal person walks up and hits someone for no reason."  A fight ensued between the Corle brothers and their friend and what they estimated to be six to eight Hispanic men. During the fight, Nathan Corle said he heard the Hispanic males yelling "'We're going to teach white boys a lesson. White boys are going to die.'"



Ethnic cleansing accelerates in America against Americans.