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August 4, 2007 

Powell Gammill
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The California Ron Paul LOVEolution  
I hope you will forgive me as this is not really a editorial, not a feature article.  Nor is it my work.  I received this from a reader of ours, and thought it worthy of spreadin' the LOVE (after re-formating and correcting spelling errors):

To show you how the Ron Paul rEVOLution has inspired people and changed their lives, please take a look at this note one California meetup participant wrote to another person in their meetup......... (personally identifying data has been removed.  yes, this WAS a real letter written and posted to a meetup on Aug 3)

Hi C.,

I find that most people are clueless to Ron Paul, so I don't blame them, I blame Main Stream Media, and that's where I target my angst, and write a lot of letters. 

I write Letters to the Editors.  I use the line:  You have failed the RON PAUL TRUTH TEST; SHAME ON YOU. I'm having FUN and I have not lost one friend.  I might have lost old baggage, so I'm happy to have my closet cleaned.  I have gained many new friends.  To be honest with you, I'm meeting people such as yourself, and I love you in a way more than Ron Paul because I know without YOU, RP would not have a chance.  YOU and those like you are giving Ron Paul and me the opportunity to help our government save itself. 

I believe they want us to win (save them).  They are trapped. They sold out, and it's not a fault on their part, because they did not build the trap, they were snared in the trap.  So many people fear for their lives, they have no choice but to sell out (especially those who have kids). 

As long as it's FUN, as long as this campaign is FUN and FUNNY, we will win.  Anger is a good tool, it gives us our boundaries and fuel to make dreams come true, but it should not be used like a dragon's breath on people.  They can't handle it.  They can handle, and NEED, FUN...so that's what I do, make it FUN. 

This Sunday I am volunteering at my Grange Hall for our traditional first Sunday breakfast, where we serve about 400 people.  I have purchased a Ron Paul apron, and have my liberty cards, RP bracelets, and as I take egg orders, I will be passing out the liberty cards, and laughing a lot, and enjoying watching some people shrink away and others ask, "Is he a conservative?"  The trick I believe, is to HAVE FUN and make it FUN for
others to join me. 

Ron Paul WILL WIN!  We are strong, we are right, we are ready and able to fight for truth, justice, and our country.  I LOVE US.  We're rockin' for RON PAUL. 

Love, because it's rEVOLutionary,