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Greg J Dixon
72 Year Old Grandmother Put in Solitary Would Not Stand Naked  




By Greg Dixon


January 15 Same Persecution Date for Two Women Five Centuries Apart

The date was January 15, 1549, when a former nun in England named Elizabeth, her last being lost in antiquity, was arrested by two Capuchin friars for possessing a Latin New Testament and taken before the council for trial. She continued to best her interrogators with quick quips to their trick questions.


Council: “Do you expect salvation from baptism?” Elizabeth: “No, my lords; how should I believe this: I saw that Christ is the only Priest through whom sins are forgiven.” And with that she quoted  Heb 7:21 (For those priests were made without an oath; but this with an oath by him that said unto him, The Lord sware and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec:).


Over and over the godly Elizabeth made mince meat of these religious imposters until at last they applied thumbscrews to her thumbs and forefingers so that the blood squirted out at the nails for the purpose of getting her to give the names of her associates. She cried out to God for help and miraculously the pain ceased. Again they placed iron screws on either side of her ankles but she endured that pain without revealing their names.


Finally in total frustration the Council pronounced sentence upon Elizabeth and she was condemned to death by being drowned in a sack. Willingly she offered her body as a living sacrifice unto Christ her Savior.


January 15 Five Centuries Later

More than five centuries later on January 15, 2008 in Iowa City, Iowa, United States of America  72 year old Donna Holman supposedly protected by the Iowa  and U.S. Bills of Right against cruel and unusual punishment was put into a cold cell in solitary confinement with no bedding because being the principled and moral person that she is, she refused to stand naked before her captors.


With no blanket to keep her warm she was kept awake all night because of the cold. In the morning her captors understood that Donna was not compromising her modesty so they agreed to give her a blanket after patting her down. However this was after Donna bartered with them to keep her most prized possession which is her personal Bible. She had bought it for her father when he was in a nursing home before he died. Its worn and tattered pages are highlighted and underlined.


Donna and her husband Dan live in Keokuk, Iowa and are missionaries to the unborn and are seen regularly at the abortion mills in Iowa and across America with their Truth Van which has graphic pictures of the unborn on the sides. They do side walk counseling at abortion clinics with groups and many times just by themselves. They have been arrested too many times to count. They have probably stayed in jails more than in motels.


It seemed that to all present on November 1, 2006, that the owners of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in Iowa City, population 60,000, and home to the University of Iowa and around two hours East of Des Moines was gunning for Donna, and set her up to be arrested. But thankfully there were witnesses and  a video to show that she harassed no one nor did she disturb the peace. But she was still arrested and spent two nights in jail before getting out on a $1,000  bond. 


It was obvious that the powers that be were in on the effort to shut down the abortion protests because after all the two death camps fill city coffers with bloody treasure. At trial on January 26 Magistrate Karen Egerton wouldn’t allow Donna’s witnesses to testify on her behalf nor was she swayed by the video evidence put into the record. But she did allow Planned Parenthood employees to testify who were obviously prejudicial. Egerton found her guilty of both charges of harassment and disturbing the peace.


Egerton gave her a 30 day suspended sentence, $700 fine, a permanent injunction from being near Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. She further ordered Donna to get a  Psychiatric Examination by a licensed Psychiatrist in Iowa. Donna complied with all except the Iowa Psychiatric examination. She went to a licensed California Psychologist instead and reported back to Magistrate Egerton on October 23, 2007 as scheduled. Egerton was livid. She would not accept the finding of the California Psychologist and ordered her to a Court appointed Iowa Psychiatrist and said that she would have to take Psychotic drugs if that’s what was recommended. Donna was to appear back in court on January 15, 2008 to give evidence that she had complied with the order.


Donna has a serious problem with the whole psychiatric, so called, profession measuring up to her understanding of the Christian faith because of the fact that Psychiatry was born out of the eugenics movement of the late 19th century, and was used by totalitarians like Bismarck, Stalin, Hitler, and many more as a tool for social control according to Kevin Hall, the New England director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), an organization opposing psychiatry as it’s now practiced. Hall, who has intensely studied the history and development of the profession, provides a terrifying summary of how psychiatry has been misused from the beginning, particularly as a tool of state compulsion. Donna was also suspicious that the state appointed psychiatrist would order psychotic drugs and that Egerton would order her to take them. However Donna felt that she could live with herself without compromise by going to her California friend for the examination who also was an avid anti abortionist but this wasn’t satisfactory for Magistrate Egerton who seemingly can’t wait to get Donna under the influence of mind control drugs so that she can be chemically reeducated into being a statist robot. On January 15 when it was evident that she had not complied with Egerton’s order to go to a Iowa Psychiatrist Egerton gave Donna Holman 30 days in the Johnson County Jail which is a revocation of her probation.  


Watchman Nee (1903-1972) who founded the Little Flock Movement in China and died after being imprisoned in a communist prison camp for twenty years said, “It is better to sin against the holiness of God than the authority of God.” The same is true with government. When government begins acting like a god it will allow its citizens to sin against its holiness far more than against its authority. That’s why political prisoners are treated much harsher than those who commit moral offenses such as breaking drug laws, sex crimes, pornography, sodomy, drunkenness, gambling, prostitution, etc. But commit misdemeanor tax violations, picket abortion clinics that produce millions in revenue a year for cities, or preach on the street and affect the “image” of the town and you better look out. Just ask Dr. Kent Hovind who is serving 10 years in a federal prison on a misdemeanor tax charge when rapists and even murderers walk sometimes in months or a few short years.  Ask Congressman Hansen who wrote the definitive book against the evils of the IRS, To Harass Our People? And was given “Diesel Therapy” and tortured until he had to have most of his teeth and gums replaced in reconstructive surgery after his four years in “club fed”. Ask Bill Benson of Illinois who wrote The Law That Never Was proving that the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never legally ratified. He liked to have never come out of the federal prison in Rochester, MN alive and since then the government has continually harassed him. And we could discuss hundreds of political prisoners without even batting an eye that are rotting in the jails in America and many more in secret CIA prisons around the world. Some are on trial at the present time.


We must always remember what Voltaire said: “It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.”


We have come full circle. Because of the Ana-Baptist Elizabeth in the 16h century who was willing to suffer and die for her faith rather than deny her Lord in England moved from repression to freedom and the time came when great Revivals swept the land and great churches were built during the 19th century and missionaries were sent to the ends of the earth. From there they came to America where true religious liberty reigned with the establishment of the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights. But now the torch of religious freedom is barely flickering and has nearly gone out. Liberty dies in the heart before it dies in the head. Unless the people in Iowa City are willing to cry out against this evil in their midst  which primarily rests on the shoulders of the pastors there is no hope that the torch of freedom will continue to burn and it will only be a matter of time until the THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Of the black boots will come. The preachers will be dragged away first, then the college professors at the University, then the bankers…. That’s the ways it’s always been and that’s the way it will always be. 

Donna  Holman
Johnson  County Jail
P.O. Box 2540
Iowa City, Iowa  52244-2540

Donna  Holman
Johnson  County Jail
P.O. Box 2540
Iowa City, Iowa  52244-2540


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