Dave Hodges 
Date: 02-23-08
Subject: Police State

 Join me, Dave Hodges, host of The Common Sense Show, on KBSZ radio 1250AM, this Sunday (2/24) at 3pm, as we explore the topic of the Real ID Card and what it means for every citizen.
Joining us by phone, from Utah, will be State Representative, Stephen Sandstrom, as he describes his efforts to block the implementation of the Real ID Card Act in Utah. Learn the real reasons why the federal government wants to require each citizen to obtain and carry a national ID card. You will listen in horror as you discover how many times a national ID card has preceeded a genocide. Are we really going to allow our government to force us to comply to this police state regulation? Learn what you can do to stop it in your State.
I you live outside the KBSZ listening area, you can listen to the show on our live streaming function by logging on to www.kbsz-am.com  on your computer.