Democratic Private Equity Firm Halts Ron Paul Revolution!

Democratic Private Equity Firm Halts Ron Paul Revolution!
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 02-29-2008
Subject: Internet


As you can see from the press release below, major Democratic donors have tried to halt the Ron Paul Revolution by attempting to shut down Dr. Murray Sabrin’s Money Bomb. Unfortunately for them, Dr. Sabrin’s campaign had a backup and their website is operational again. If you need more information please visit www.MurraySabrin.com. If there is someone you think needs to see this press release, please forward it to them ASAP.
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News Release
For Immediate Release
- February 29, 2008
Contacts: Sabrin for Senate - George Ajjan @ (201) 332-3422 or george@ajjan.com

Democratic Private Equity Firm Halts Ron Paul Revolution! Owner of Network Solutions Shuts Down Murray Sabrin's Money BombJersey City " A $17 billion private equity firm, managed by major Democratic donors, General Atlantic, shut down Dr. Murray Sabrin's website last night immediately after Dr. Ron Paul sent out a nationwide email asking his supporters to participate in his online fundraising drive (commonly referred as a "money bomb"). General Atlantic owns Internet service provider Network Solutions which was hosting Dr. Sabrin's website. Network Solutions refused to turn the site back on and shut down all of Dr. Sabrin's email accounts as well. This online fundraising event coincided with Dr. Sabrin's "Legalize Freedom" Rally this afternoon in downtown NYC against the Federal Reserve.

Communications Director for Sabrin for Senate, George Ajjan, stated, "There is no excuse for the sabotage and blatant violation of our contract between Sabrin for Senate and Network Solutions. We had informed Network Solutions in advance about the expected spike because of the support from Dr. Ron Paul and they assured us they would handle the anticipated increase in traffic. All we know right now is a company owned and managed by major Democratic donors shut down Dr. Murray Sabrin's U.S. Senate campaign website for no reason and refused to turn it back on!"

General Atlantic acquired Network Solutions in 2007. General Atlantic (GA) is managed by some of the largest and most active Democratic donors and officials. The Chairman of GA is Steven A. Denning who is friends with and sits on the Board of the Brookings Institute with such well known liberal activists as Haim Saban (donated $10 million to the Democratic National Committee), Lawrence Summers (former Treasury Secretary under President Clinton), Teresa Heinz (wife of Senator John Kerry), Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. (close advisor to President Clinton and the one who hired Monica Lewisnsky), and former Presidents of the World Bank Robert McNamara and James Wolfensohn. Mr. Denning also serves on the Council on Foreign Relations with former Clinton officials Carla Hills (former Trade Representative), Robert Rubin (former Treasury Secretary), Madeline Albright (former Secretary of State) and Richard Holbrooke (former US Ambassador to the United Nations) along with NBC News former anchor Tom Brokaw. Mr. Denning has donated thousands of dollars to liberal Democrats including Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Barack Obama.

The CEO of GA is William E. Ford is friends with and sits on the Board of the New York Stock Exchange with the former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Board, Alice Rivlin, and sits on the Board of Amherst College with the Deputy Managing Director of the New York Times, Jonathan Landman. Mr. Ford donated thousands of dollars to liberal Democratic politicians like Hillary Clinton for President, Senator Chris Dodd, Senator Chuck Schumer and liberal organizations such as Forward Together PAC and Defend America PAC.

The Managing Director of General Atlantic is Matthew Nimetz. Mr. Nimetz began his career as a Staff Assistant to President Lyndon Johnson in 1967, served as Undersecretary for State in President Jimmy Carter's Administration, a Special Envoy to Eastern Europe in President Bill Clinton's Administration and was appointed to positions of government by New York City Mayors Edward Koch and David Dinkins. Mr. Nimetz serves on the Council on Foreign Relations with the Chairman of GA Steven Denning. Mr. Nimetz' donations to Democrats is legendary having donated tens of thousands of dollars to the following liberal candidates: Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Barack Obama, General Wesley Clark, Senator Carl Levin, Senator Joseph Biden, Senator Jon Tester, Senator Rob Menendez, Senator Tom Daschle, Senator John Kerry, Senator Paul Sarbanes, Congressman Charles Rangel, Congressman Mark Udall, Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand, Congressman John Hall, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney as well as to liberal organizations like the Democratic National Committee, the New York State Democratic Committee, the Democratic Party of Arizona, and the Democratic Senatorial Committee.

The title of Dr. Sabrin's demonstration is "Exposing the Federal Reserve System: The first step in taking our country back and restoring the greatness of the Dollar!" Dr. Murray Sabrin is the New Jersey conservative Republican leader and the Garden State's strongest advocate of limited government and individual freedom. Dr. Sabrin is a retired successful entrepreneur in commercial real estate, portfolio management, and economic research. He is an author, TV and radio commentator, and Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Business and Public Policy at Ramapo College. He and his wife of 39 years, Florence, reside in Bergen County. For more information please visit www.MurraySabrin.com

Media Contacts for General Atlantic " Patricia L. Hedley, SVP, (203) 629-8658 or phedley@generalatlantic.com

Media Contacts for Network Solutions " Susan Wade, (703) 668-5057 or swade@networksolutions.com