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An apology to Freedom's Phoenix Reporters from the staff  
An apology to those of you who tried to report some news to Freedom's Phoenix for at least the past month and did not see your article posted.  This morning thanks to an inquiry from one of you, we detected a serious bug that took your submission and indicated everything was fine but instead dumped your submission into that place computers reserve for human programmers called null space (i.e., virtual trash can).

The bug only effected anyone who was 1) logged in as a reporter, AND who 2) used the 'tell us news' article feature to submit a link.  The site would take their submission, thank them and then promptly fail to put their submission into the database.  I am afraid any such submissions are all lost. 

If a submission was timeless and you want to resubmit, thank you.  But more likely, if your submission is now stale we apologize to both groups for taking your time and not giving you anything in return.

The bug has been fixed, and the reporter feature is now working whether you are logged in or not. 

We are all very sorry to have failed you over the past few weeks.

Powell Gammill, Senior Editor, Freedom's Phoenix