Ron Paul Challenges the 'Cult of the Omnipotent State' (The Republican Branch)

Ron Paul Challenges the 'Cult of the Omnipotent State' (The Republican Branch)
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 04-30-2008
Subject: Eugenics

Ron Paul Challenges the 'Cult of the Omnipotent State'
We at FreedomsPhoenix are soooo all over this story.... and here's why.
The evolution of Ron Paul's campaign for President and the r3VOLution that supports that campaign have more often than not run a close parallel. Overlapping interests were due to the sharing of personal goals that orbited a desire to be free. And the most obvious representations of those overlappings have been at the state by state efforts to secure National Party Delegates for the Republican Party Convention this September.
Ron Paul has attracted more than a large number of enthusiastic supporters, he has attracted decent and ethical men, women and children that support the “rule of law” and fairness as the only limitations on their efforts to achieve freedom.
For the first time that I am aware of Ron Paul and his campaign has clearly taken the side of the members of the Republican Party in direct opposition to the Republican Party leadership,... at every level.
In the past Ron Paul has been willing to make his positions clear while supporting the tradition of the Republican Party in hopes of influencing change with the competition of ideas and philosophy. But before real change can be accomplished it is essential to point out just how far the Republican Party (and American Politics in general) has been removed from the influence of the people that are said to make up its membership.
It has been well documented and understood by anyone with any interest in the truth just how corrupt politics has always been. But for the first time in history the ability to observe the process in real time has educated millions when it has counted. And for the first time there is the right candidate for President that is in the right place at the right time in history to really make a difference by exposing what goes into the making of the United States Government's sausage that we are constantly being force feed.
“We hope to make it clear that Ron Paul supports all of the individual participants in the process (of the Nevada Republican Party Convention) that followed all of the rules and now may have all of their efforts, expenses and votes negated because the desired results of the Nevada Republican Party's membership didn't match the desired results of Republican Party leadership.” said Lew Moore, Ron Paul's National Campaign Manager.
Wow! Does this mean what I hope it means?
Well, I'm not really sure what it means. But it is definitely a welcome change. For the first time that I am aware of the Ron Paul campaign has made it clear that Dr. Paul is siding with the Republican Party's membership. While Dr. Paul has not been shy about his opinion that John McCain was not representative of what it means to be a “Republican”, he has yet to directly challenge the Republican Party leadership in their efforts to limit what the party membership had to say about what they thought best represented the Republican ideal,... until now.
I'm certain that many others may not see today's announcement/press release the same way that I do. But I am confident that behind closed doors (especially here in Arizona with our State convention/delegate selection only 10 days away) there are very important decisions to be made. Will the Republican Party abide by their own rules, or will they abandon any pretense and demonstrate what has been known by activists for decades, that they make rules as they are required.
As a libertarian activist it is easily understood why I am very happy to see Dr. Paul take a stand against the corruption that all political collectives share. But his success at changing the minds of the Republican Party leadership is not a determining factor in that success. Once again we can see just how much is gained by the education of those that have been duped into thinking that the political process was anything more than a rubber stamp of decisions made long ago to make absolutely certain that our lives are under the control of others.
I don't expect the Ron Paul campaign to spend a great deal of time and money on the securing of the delegates won at the Nevada State Convention. In fact I am sure that the 'System's Bad Guys' would very much enjoy this distraction from the daily damage the r3VOLution continues to inflict on their legitimacy. I do expect the real challenge to be in the form of creative activities from individuals that will use this example to further erode the varnish of credibility the current political process has (and the Republican Party in particular).
The courts are always an option, but more for the media coverage obtained due to the “government numbers” provided by such an effort. These numbers (case numbers) are little more than permission slips/requirements for press coverage. Often just another legitimizing of another portion of “the system”. Other than the limited benefit of documentation of a grievance's details and the limited education for the people that there was a grievance at all, I expect little benefit from the court system.
The r3VOLution's power comes from the already established communications network that allows us the powers of instant communications (so we can expect the Internet to be a target of the Biggest and the Baddest with the unlimited resources of a federal/global government).
Having unplugged from the government's propaganda matrix we are then left to our own choices about what to do. I do not expect Dr. Paul to save me or my family. But I have a great deal of admiration and respect for a man that has done so much for so little for so long and still has the courage to take on the most powerful in the full light of day.
Now is not the time for us to relax, we need to divert some of our attention to thoughts of how we might pursue an end game to this election cycle and its aftermath. Failing to utterly defeat the enemy means we must fight the same battles again, but pyrrhic victories are often common in politics when emotions are involved and we should be mindful of those.
When you have such enemies on the canvas, there is a great tendency for many to kick them in the face and leave a scar to remember you by. But then you must be prepared for the escalation that will produce. Often it is argued that your enemy should be allowed an escape route to prevent carnage that could otherwise be avoided. But in the end each of us is ultimately responsible for our own actions, what actions we endorse and even what actions we allow to happen in our name or we demonstrate that we have learned nothing over the past year.
We are well into the time that we should start thinking about where all of this freedom fighting is leading,... you didn't think that advocating freedom in a neoCONed country was going to end in a handshake,... did you?
Ernest Hancock
Publisher - FreedomsPhoenix