Irony, You Sweet, Sweet Delicacy

Irony, You Sweet, Sweet Delicacy
Brock Lorber 
Blog: Bloody Mary Breakfast
Date: 4-30-2008
Subject: Eugenics

On Brit Hume's Political Grapevine, under the title Hillary Clinton Gets Her Facts Wrong Again, he has a sub-heading: Working the System.  It's a short blurb.

Working the System
Ron Paul has been mathematically eliminated from contention in the Republican presidential race, but his supporters are conducting an underground campaign to win influence at both the local and national level.

The Los Angeles Times reports Paul forces last March cleverly used existing rules to elect about a third of the delegates to Missouri's State Republican Convention " which will pick delegates to the national meeting.

And, last weekend in Nevada, Paul supporters used sophisticated communication techniques to get a rules change that could have given them more influence at the national convention in things like the Party platform. Paul supporters also showed up with what was called a blizzard of campaign signs and shouted down the convention chairman. Eventually, the meeting adjourned without electing any delegates.

"Underground campaign"?  I'll buy "ignored campaign" but underground is hardly a term I would use to describe the Paul campaign and certainly doesn't apply to the Revolution.

"Cleverly used existing rules"?  Really?  So did the other "forces" stupidly use non-existent rules to elect the other two-thirds?

And, then, we come to the piece de resistance.  The crème de la crème of reporting.  If anyone says they were present in that room and saw a "blizzard of campaign signs" or any Paul supporter "shout[ing] down the convention chairman" do not take a personal check from them.  It's a superball.

Oh, and the meeting didn't adjourn.  It didn't even recess (more on that in the near future).  It just ceased to be right about the time the party/sore losers/miscreants turned out the lights on us.

Don't let those pesky little "facts" get in your way, there, Brit.