Roll the bones...Get Busy!

Thomas Costanzo
Message to Nevada state GOP Chairman Sue Lowden  
Dear Sue Lowden,

I would like to comment on the process that the Nevada GOP as evidenced at http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Find-Freedom.htm?At=032839, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFZqcHBmA40 and others by simply searching “Nevada GOP convention”.  I find the process to be utterly revolting to conduct it’s business for the republican state convention.  It is an OUTRAGE that the Party Leaders would end such an important meeting without completing its function.  By operating in this fashion it is clear to me that the party will stop at nothing using DIRTY TRICKS to ensure the status quo, which is to have John McCain becoming the anointed republican candidate for president.  It is so clear to me and others in this great nation, this is being done to ensure that Hillary Clinton wins the election for the presidency.  BECAUSE JOHN MCCAIN will NOT be able to defeat Hillary in the national election.  The only candidate who is capable of defeating her is the 10 term REPUBLICAN congressman from Texas, Ron Paul.  The party machine along with the media is hell bent to ensure that Hillary wins to continue the dynasty of the Clinton " Bush regime that has been in effect since Bush senior was vice president in 1980. 


People all across America are watching the proceedings ON THE INTERNET with great interest and all you are simply doing is to making more and more Americans ENRAGED at the political process and FUELING the REVOLUTION with ROCKET FUEL.   The kind of shenanigans that are being orchestrated by the party leadership is not going UNNOTICED.  Thinking that your feeble attempts to deny Americans with the only real alternative to the Tax and Spend (Democrats) or Spend and Tax (Neo-cons) is going to work then you have seriously underestimated the will of the people to elect a true leader such as Ron Paul.


When you think about it, only an idiot or someone who is on the dole for funds from the federal government could not be in favor of Ron Paul.  When individuals understand that Ron Paul will restore the rule of LAW under the constitution, Elimination of the so called “Federal Reserve” which funds among other things the unconstitutional war in IRAQ which has been going on for over 5 years now, support all the Troops by bringing them all home and  ending the IRS a private collection agency for the “Federal Reserve” set up to extort money from the populace through intimidation. It is these types of policies that have destroyed the value of the dollar and have literally eliminated  the middle class only for the benefit of the elites and welfare citizens.  The Vast majority of the population is being fleeced of their PROPERTY for these 2 classes.


What is being increasingly clear is all that is going on is a massive Robbery of the majority of Americans and we will not stand by idly.  The eyes are all on you, expect the heat to be turned up as the sleeping giant awakens and when it does, do not expect it to be kind to those who are the Murderers, Thieves and other Criminals who driving this country into the ground!


In Liberty,

Thomas Costanzo