Report from the AZ GOP Convention

Report from the AZ GOP Convention
Powell Gammill 
Website: Gammill For Congress
Blog: Fascist Nation
Date: May 11, 2008
Subject: Eugenics

The "official" part of the AZ Ron Paul organization attended the Very Official Republican State Convention yesterday. "Official" part of the Ron Paul Organization denotes those that had become PC's and were going to go the convention in Saint Paul. There were not anywhere near enough of us in any precinct to get ourselves elected as delegates. So that turned out to be a moot point.
Our organizational communication was infiltrated by the McCainites! and the procedure was duplicated and expanded upon. The slate the Ronulans had printed so we'd know who to vote for had some people listed that weren't supporters of Ron Paul. The McCainites had a similar slate called the "Unity Ballot" for the same purpose. It came out numerous times thorough-out the day, each time it pertained to the vote at hand. There was a lot of balloting. Ballots were lost, stolen, wrong ballots issued, all counted by machines from which no ballots exited. All above board, I'm sure. There was a third slate circulating that had the Ron Paul Blimp LOGO on it that most PC's looked at and quickly concluded "this isn't ours'. Is blatant subterfuge an oxymoron?

Some of these were things I'd expected. After all it's just politics, eh? But we Ronulans had a trick up our sleeve too. We'd look and act like Republicans. Shirt and tie, dresses and heels and no Ron Paul insignia. Clandestine. It didn't work at all. We had already attended local, city and county meetings as Ronulans so when we showed up at the State Convention everyone still knew us as the Newbies. And we probably surpassed their expectations as newbies. Without our own identification we didn't develop a cohesive presentation. No comments thrown at the podium, no yelling, no chants, no signs, stickers, or pins. Without any positive signs we couldn't counter the police presence in the auditorium and the hallways. I thought I was being astute to see them in hallways and entrances, but others were telling me afterwards about cops on the mezzanine level that I hadn't noticed.

The McCainites were ready to roll over anyone who got in their way. We fooled them though. We just weren't there.

Buck Shull