Arizona State Senator Jack Harper (R) slaps Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross

Arizona State Senator Jack Harper (R) slaps Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 10-01-2008
Subject: Arizona's Top News

(Some behind the scenes information on the politics of public transportation and 'Light Rail' in Arizona)
 (this email was sent me after it was first sent to a local newspaper for publishing)
Editor, please publish in the Tribune:
As a Republican State Senator that witnessed Manross sell out Scottsdale in the 20-year transportation tax, I cannot stay silent. When the Conservative Republicans insisted on the transportation funding from the renewal of the tax be evenly distributed, Manross balked in closed-door meetings. At the request of and out of respect to State Senator Carolyn Allen, we allowed Manross to be the only Mayor to interject during terse discussions in the Senate President's office. Manross insisted that $2.3 billion be spent out of the 20-year tax for light rail in other cities. When the Republicans made the point that she was saddling Scottsdale as a donor city to the tax, she made the same analogy as she does about Councilman Lane, "the difference between looking backward or looking forward." Manross said she did not want to "look backwards" so she supported a plan that sent sales tax to other cities and ensured that Scottsdale's transportation needs were not met. Manross' inability to put Scottsdale's residents before her desire to look progressive should not be rewarded. I support Lane and fiscal conservatives in Scottsdale should as well.
State Senator Jack Harper
Record shows focus on bright future
Mary Manross, Commentary I was raised with the values of honesty, hard work, independence, fiscal conservatism and a belief that healthy neighborhoods and a vibrant economy make for a strong community.
For the past eight years, as your mayor, I have been working hard to build a better Scottsdale. Together, we have made great progress. We can all be proud to call Scottsdale our home.
Today, our nation is faced with an extremely serious economic crisis. Just as we did after the terrorist attacks in 2001, we are managing expenditures even more tightly so that we can maintain our high level of citizen services and finish capital projects already in progress.
Managers are re-examining current budgets to look for more savings. Due to very conservative financial planning, we have attained AAA bond ratings every year since 2002. We will work to meet the challenges once again.
As mayor, I have been focused on "getting things done" to improve the well-being of our community. The same cannot be said for my opponent. In the words of the Scottsdale Republic editorial, "On the issues moving Scottsdale forward Jim Lane has largely been a no vote."
After four years on the City Council, Jim Lane can't point to a single significant accomplishment as a council member. His campaign is based on distortions of facts and innuendoes.
Lane opposed strategic investment. He has been critical of the city playing any role in stimulating $3.3 billion of new private investment in downtown and southern Scottsdale. I am proud of what we have accomplished.
Lane showed little support for public safety. Police staffing has been increased and the crime rate has fallen to a 23-year low. The 2007-08 fiscal budget funded additional police officers, as well as new fire stations, to reduce response times and save lives. Lane voted no.
Lane voted against investment in southern Scottsdale. To boost revitalization, I led the drive to bring an Arizona State University presence to Scottsdale at SkySong.
The ASU Foundation is investing $500 million in the southern Scottsdale project that will generate 4,000 quality new jobs and encourage additional quality revitalization. Lane opposed it.
Lane spoke in favor of payday loan-type businesses. To prevent the proliferation of pawnshops and payday loan stores, I successfully proposed that stipulations be added to a redevelopment project in southern Scottsdale. Lane opposed it.
The differences between Jim Lane and me can best be described as the difference between looking backward or looking forward.
The next four years will require vision and determination. I will continue to focus on keeping our fiscal house in order, revitalization of southern Scottsdale, implementation of the new Transportation Master Plan, completion of our McDowell Sonoran Preserve, and making Scottsdale a leader in environmental, economic and community sustainability.
I ask for your support on Nov. 4 so we can continue to build Scottsdale's sustainable future. Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross (mary.manross@cox.net) is running for re-election as mayor of Scottsdale.