Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock

Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Subject: Politics: General Activism

Tonight, about twelve people gathered for a street action. There were four of us at the main entrance where we noticed bomb sniffing dogs and beefed up security. We were later told that the president of the Czech Republic was attending the Goldwater event. We were then informed we were currently on private property and must relocate. We went to the corner outside the main entrance which was public property. We had just gotten our signs and bullhorns out when a lady in a golf cart came and informed us we were still on private property.
Being the well seasoned activists that we are, we kindly told her we were not on private property anymore. She then told us there would police coming to assist us in moving off of the private property. We then restated to her that this was public property and we have the right to express our opinion (first amendment thing). 
Low and behold, ten minutes later, a detective from Phoenix police then arrived. 
The detective approached us and kindly introduced himself and told us we were "all good". It turns out; these two cops understand the constitution and are believers in our first amendment rights. They were very nice and talked to us the entire time. At the end of the event, they gave us their card and told us they were the only task force dedicated solely to this purpose. They told us, in the future, if we have any problem peacefully using our first amendment rights to express ourselves, we could give them a call. Wow, what a great surprise.

Should John Shadegg choose to change his vote, we do believe it would be in part due to our activism tonight. We are making a difference, we will be heard.