Wyoming's Ultra-Motivated Voters

Wyoming's Ultra-Motivated Voters
Brock Lorber 
Blog: Bloody Mary Breakfast
Date: 11-5-2008
Subject: Voting - Election Integrity

On Oct 1, 2008, there were 233,141 registered voters in Wyoming.  By Nov 4, that number had swelled to 244,818 [1], an increase of 11,677.

On Nov 4, 257,331 [2] ballots were cast in Wyoming.  246,329 [3] people voted for President.

Now, on average, 66% of registered voters voted in 49 states.  However, Wyoming voters were so motivated that 105% voted!

Even more interesting (to me) is that of that 105% of registered voters, 11,002 didn't vote for President (4% of total votes).


Now, for a thought experiment.  If Wyoming were actually in line with the rest of the country, the 246,329 ballots cast for President would be 66% of registrations.  That gives a total registered roll of 373,225.

Now, assuming Wyoming is just like the rest of the country and Wyoming allows same-day registrations, 128,407 people would have had to show up at the polls yesterday, register to vote, and not vote.


Are you really still voting?
Holy smokes.  Wyoming has had over a 100% turnout three times in the last ten years [4].  The difference is, this time the total votes cast is comparable to the total population of voting age registered as voters in previous years.