Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock

Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Subject: Politics: General Activism

Dear Ron Paul Revolutionaries,

This incredible new pamphlet, "COMMON SENSE; Revisited", deals with the crucial issue of who holds the power; government or the people? This pamphlet clearly explains the difference between indigenous power and surrogate power.  It also explains how all issues could be dealt with better by a bottom-up government where individual sovereignty is maintained. No other issue could be more timely as we will soon have a President who believes our Constitution should be modified to allow for the redistribution of wealth, which basically means that the government is the total sovereign and can decide how much we can keep and how much of what we make can be given to others. 
Ron Paul\'s \'Campaign for Liberty\' has prominently displayed this pamphlet right under "Revolution, A Manifesto" by Ron Paul on their website.  It is crucial for everyone to read this concise yet powerful new work and pass it on to others so we can create a paradigm shift to freedom.  That is what happened with the original COMMON SENSE by Thomas Paine. If it wasn\'t for that pamphlet the Declaration of Independence would not have been signed on July 2nd 1776.  
The Common Sense; Revisited website offers a full PDF download of the pamphlet for any price you decide. You can pay  $100, $0, $10, or whatever amount you wish.

Physical copies of the pamphlet are also available, with discounts for bulk copies. They also have an affiliate program where you can earn 15% of all sales you generate through a link. I highly encourage everyone to download CSR and order physical copies in bulk to hand out to family and friends. There will also be a book on tape version coming soon.

If you enjoy Common Sense; Revisited, forward this e-mail to anyone you may think be interested. It\'s time to get this out to every American!

Thank you.