Arizona GOP 'Pulls' a 'Nevada' on AzGOP r3VOLutionaries

Arizona GOP 'Pulls' a 'Nevada' on AzGOP r3VOLutionaries
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 11-19-2008
Subject: Arizona's Top News

Arizona GOP 'Pulls' a 'Nevada' on AzGOP r3VOLutionaries
Please read the link. It is a summary of the meeting that took place last Monday night in our AZ Legislative District # 4, the second largest GOP district in the state. These people took a page out of Nevada's playbook when they cancelled their state convention because Ron Paul was winning too many delegates to the GOP National Convention.

We had more than enough Ron Paul supporters and other long-time Party conservatives to take all 5 district offices and all 57 delegates to the upcoming Jan '09 GOP AZ State Convention. Realizing our strength (and their
weakness) the District Chairman abruptly suspended the meeting (against Roberts Rules of Order and against our own district By-Laws) and quickly left the meeting. He also summoned Sheriff's Posse Deputies who, upon his orders, said those remaining in the meeting room were now trespassing and subject to arrest if they did not leave.

The majority of our group, more than enough for a quorum, took the meeting outside to the parking lot, causing the Chairman to instruct the venue personnel to turn off all the parking lot lights. After some negotiation the lights were turned back on. The Chairman and his small group of co-conspirators assembled across the street to watch the events unfold. At one point they called on a cell phone, offering to "negotiate a fair solution". No deal! We had the votes. It was our party now.

Subsequently the Chairman and his wife, an AZ House Member, have gone into hiding and are not answering any of their phones. The GOP state party chairman, who may have orchestrated the (outgoing) district Chairman's hasty retreat, has said that if we can't resolve the dilemma in LD-4 he will appoint all District Officers and the 57 State Convention Delegates. I wonder how many offices and delegates we'll get if that happens!

After McCain's embarrassing loss, and further losses in both houses of Congress, don't you think it's time for the GOP (emphasis on the OLD) to stop shooting themselves in the foot (or a little higher up on the anatomical chart) and start working for the good of our country, not just what they think is the good of "their" Party?

To us, it's not about power or personalities, it's about Principle.


Dan Endsley