"Kop Busters" in Odessa, TX
Brock Lorber 
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Date: 12-4-2008
Subject: Drug War

Eddie Garcia

CBS 7 News
December 4, 2008

Odessa, Texas - They didn't find any drugs; instead they found a poster telling them they were on a reality show called "kop busters."

It's an online reality show that goes around the nation exposing what they say is police corruption. The reason they came to Odessa is because they were asked to by a man who says his daughter is falsely imprisoned.

Video cameras, plants masquerading, as drugs, and a message are what police found while serving a search warrant today.

Barry Cooper CEO of Kop Busters.com said: "The best equipment known to man is what Cop Busters has and we're going to continue going across America busting these cops."

The reality show team out of Austin has been setting up the fake drug den for 6 months, going through painstaking methods to keep it a secret.

"We had to use encrypted emails, we had to use Wal-Mart blowup cell phones in case our phones were tapped," said Cooper.

But why all the trouble? “Get Yolanda Madden out of prison," said Cooper.

In 2005, Odessa woman Yolanda Madden was convicted of the possession of drugs with the intent to distribute. Now she's serving a 7-year prison sentence.

"I could prove absolutely without a doubt she's innocent," said Raymond Madden

Her father says he's been trying to get a court to retry the case since the conviction.

"We had a witness that planted the drugs he testified in court that he planted the drugs," said Madden.

Cop Busters says the show exists to help fix the system.

Odessa police say the matter is still under investigation and at this point they are looking to see if any laws were broken.