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Seed Collection and Saving - Tomatoes  

In this day and age of GMO grains and veggies, one way to make sure that you have an endless supply of your own organic seeds is to save your own.

I will start this series of videos with the collection and storage of tomato seeds.

The first step towards collecting and storing your seeds  is to grow your own tomatoes in a container, open garden space, or whatever area you have designated for growing your own food. Now you have the foundation for creating your very own seed bank.

Make sure the seeds you use for your garden are organic heirloom seeds. These seeds can be purchased at a number of online retailers specializing in organic seeds, just Google “organic seeds.” Get them while you can, then start saving your own.

If you have a packet of seeds and are unsure whether or not they are GMO, just Google the seed company and search their site. Most companies that have non-GMO seeds will tell you on their site. If you cannot find the information on the site, get the phone number and call the company. If they say they don’t know, or do not say right away that their seeds are non-GMO, then run, do not walk, away.

Remember that legislation is brought forth constantly by the Monsantos of this world to destroy the organic protections we now enjoy by including new rules for organic certification allowing GMO, irradiation, and sewage sludge. So don’t assume, ask.

Here is the LINK to the video.