More on BadPhoenixCops.com Raid by Phoenix Police

More on BadPhoenixCops.com Raid by Phoenix Police
Powell Gammill 
Website: Gammill For Congress
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Date: 03-18-2009
Subject: Arizona's Top News

News Alert - KFYI Uncovers Phoenix Police Scandel

American Conservative Republican

Phoenix radio station KFYI has sent out the following Breaking News alert today at 8:31 PM.

Emerging Phoenix Police Scandal?

A Phoenix detective's wife said it felt like a home invasion when the police executed a search warrant at their residence last week.

On Monday's "JD Hayworth Show," Trisha Barnes, wife of Detective Dave Barnes, spoke out about the Phoenix Police Department executing a search warrant at the Barnes' residence last Thursday morning.

Click Here for the audio with Trisha Barnes

Phoenix Police Department e-mails, obtained through a public records request, detail concerns about Detective Barnes' role as a whistle blower concerning with the Phoenix Police Crime Lab. "Frankly Dave Barnes is a repeat offender...Mark my words, if Dave is dealt with, others will think twice about lab bashing.

"View PDF Document of the e-mails

A private citizen, "Jeff," who operates the blog http://www.badphoenixcops.com/, also had Phoenix Police execute a search warrant on his residence, and detailed the circumstances as well as his reaction during an in-studio interview.

Click Here for audio with "Jeff"

"Jeff" believes his criticism of Phoenix Director of Public Safety Jack Harris on the blog prompted the search of his premises. Former Congressman Hayworth said that the U.S. Department of Justice should investigate the Phoenix Police Administration instead of Maracopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. "The Justice Deparment ought to be taking a look at Jack Harris and leaving Joe Arpaio....alone."