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Greg J Dixon
U.S. Attorney Declares " Government Out to Destroy You  
“They are out to destroy you.”  These are the words uttered by the United States Prosecutor, Doug Snoeynbos, on Thursday, July 29, 1999 in a phone conversation with Al Cunningham, attorney for Indianapolis Baptist Temple Pastor Greg A. Dixon in the case that ultimately led to a 93-day siege and raid of the church by 100 federal marshals on February 13, 2001. Snoeynbos also said on another occasion that the “higher-ups” in the Clinton/Reno Justice Department had “targeted Dr. Greg Dixon, Pastor Emeritus and the church for total destruction” and that they wanted to “get this over with as quickly as possible.”
In that this is a follow up article from the one of 3/18/09 concerning Baldwin, Barr and Ron Paul being named “Domestic Terrorists” by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC), I bring this issue up to show that there has been a consistent pattern of this principle toward Fundamental Christians, constitutionalists and patriots for many years  on the part of our government, regardless of which party has been in power or what the particular legal issue might be.
In the Baptist Temple case, the church, which was not incorporated, and not operating as a tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) religious organization, stood on the historic Baptist position that Christ is the Head of His church, not Caesar; therefore the Lord’s church should not be a tax collector nor a tax payer for Caesar in the matter of collection and payment of withholding and FICA taxes on those who served in the ministry of the church.  Besides, over fifty people who served in the church ministry had been audited by the IRS and had paid their own taxes including FICA; therefore there were no taxes even owed.  And then to add insult to injury, the IRS never assessed taxes against IBT, the Justice Department never sued IBT, Judge Sara Evans Barker never ruled against IBT, and yet she turned the property over to a receiver, it was sold and most of the buildings bulldozed down.  The Seventh Circuit admitted this was true, but that it didn’t make any difference and the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal.  It’s called legal fraud, but who cares?  When you are dealing with “terrorists,” you can justify anything.  How do we know they were dealing with “terrorists”?  Keep reading.
John Ashcroft, the self-proclaimed “Evangelical Christian” Attorney General who ordered the raid on the Baptist Temple, admitted it over CNN on Dec. 5, 2001 and again in his book Never Again.  CNN carried a live feed of Ashcroft’s speech of the swearing in ceremony for the new head of the U.S. Marshal Service Benigno Reyna when he said, “…since I became attorney general, …,when I came on board last winter, the first Department of Justice operation conducted on my watch was for the department to seize the assets of an organization known as the Indiana (sic) Baptist Temple. It was a Marshals Service assignment. The men and women of this agency worked patiently; they worked professionally with other law enforcement officials, with the media, and with church leaders to resolve some very thorny issues, not the least of those issues was the threat of armed militias and violence.  (Emphasis mine) 
In Ashcroft’s book, in which he devotes six pages to the Baptist Temple raid, he implies that the Baptist Temple was similar or akin to the Branch Davidians who were accused of hoarding weapons, World Trade Center Terrorists, Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh, and the militia movement at large in America.  He further states that our congregation was not a people of peace and had no respect for authorities; protested and acted with violence to further their religious views; and was similar to those who bomb abortion clinics.
Ashcroft also admits in his book that it was his decision to seize the church. “The night before we planned to make a move on the church, we received word from the White House: they wanted to send a representative to negotiate with the church leaders. I thought that was a bad idea and told the White House so . . .  I was finally able to convince the White House . . . Late that night, the White House dropped their objections to our recommendation, and our plan proceeded. ‘If you want to do this, the burden of responsibility is on you,’ they said. . . . I gave the order to go ahead at dawn the next morning. Fully armed U.S. marshals stormed the church, executing the plan perfectly”.
Mr. Ashcroft had only been in office one week when he ordered the raid on our church.  Practically everyone in the Attorney General and U.S. Marshals office in Washington, D.C. were holdovers from the Clinton years.  They are the ones who had targeted Dr. Greg Dixon and the Indianapolis Baptist Temple for total destruction.  They are the ones who told John Ashcroft that we were “domestic terrorists” and apparently he believed them.  Who was the acting Attorney General between the time that George Bush was sworn in and Ashcroft took over? The former acting Attorney General, Eric Holder, the new Attorney General under President Barak Hussein Obama, the enemy of God’s people " a modern day Haman.
There is much, much more to this expose, dear readers.  Tomorrow you will learn about the “Homegrown Extremists” Seminar held for the International Association of Undercover Agents in Nashville, Tennessee in August of 1999.
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