4409 (Shelton) wins on all 5 counts
Powell Gammill 
Date: 2009-03-28
Subject: Arizona's Top News

When ARS 13-2412A passed the legislature, I believed it would be stopped in the Rules committee.  Originally, the bill would not have required that a law be broken for law enforcement to demand identification.  I voted for Bill Brotherton\'s amendment in Judiciary for that standard.  After committee, Brotherton asked me why I just didn\'t help defeat the bill, rather than water it down.  I assumed the Rules Committee would do their job and rule that it was not proper for consideration.  Without the Brotherton amendment, it would have failed in the Senate Judiciary Committee.   Identifying terrorists is a worthy goal (as supposed by the author of the legislation), but the misapplication of the law is unconstitutional.   
State Senator Jack Harper