Fmr. Az State Senator Karen Johnson running for Arizona Governor (filed Exp. Comm. 4/15)

Fmr. Az State Senator Karen Johnson running for Arizona Governor (filed Exp. Comm. 4/15)
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 04-16-2009
Subject: Arizona's Top News

The r3VOLution made it very clear that there would be repercussions for violating the Az Constitutional Debt Limit... well, here it comes.

BELOW: Tea Party Speech given by Karen Johnson in Northern Arizona 04-15-2009
(Karen told me that she shared with the audience that she took portions of her speech from Devvy Kidd, Lew Rockwell and others to help her make the points that she wanted to be sure to cover)

TEA PARTY TALK " Show Low " 4-15-09

Excitement is building over the hundreds, if not thousands of "tea parties" planned for today.  In my opinion this is to herd desperate Americans into nothing more than another feel good exercise.

Do you know what the herding technique is? Do you know what 'controlled opposition' means?

These tea parties are the manifestation of millions of Americans who finally got the big jolt last September when they screamed at Congress: No bail outs!  Did they listen?  Heck no and because that body of crooks, cowards and criminals have their agenda and they no longer fear the ballot box,  it's business as usual while we the people continue to see everything we've worked for go down the rat hole courtesy of Congress. 

Because this uproar by we the people is growing exponentially, something must be done to herd the people in the right direction - to control opposition to the master plan of one world government and the final destruction of our constitutional republic. Now comes some good, decent Americans who decide to make their voices heard by having a tea party. However, now that the level of raw anger has been ratcheted up considerably, a "new" face of reason on a "fair and balanced" television network picks up the anger factor and begins to exploit these millions of desperate Americans.

Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Edwin Vieira, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, and many more like them as well as leaders of many Churches have been trying for decades to explain the core cancer (our debauched currency and corrupted monetary system) only to be ignored or laughed at by useful tools at CNN, Fox News, etc: 

So we vent our anger at a tea party and then what? Write your congressman? Write the usurper president? America crossed the Rubicon last summer and the worst is yet to come. Instead of tens of thousands being encouraged to get Americans the truth about the income tax (domestic Americans are NOT subject to the federal income tax), let's herd the peasants into more feel good exercises. Let them vent, wave signs and flags, go home and write letters proclaiming, "We'll remember in November!!!" Sure, that worked real well last November when all but about 27 seats out of 435 changed. More socialists were "elected," while constitutionalists were shunned by the media and voters who shouted they wanted "change!" What they did was reelect the same crooks who have brought destruction and misery to our country.

Time is of the essence. Today, millions of Americans will try to pay the IRS whatever they have left in their bank account. With the unemployment rate running as high as 13% in some states, this annual grand larceny isn't going to produce the piles of money these thieves in Washington, DC want to fund the continuation of their immoral wars; as well as trillions needed in social spending. 

While some taxes are worst then others, there is no good tax!  All taxes distort production, depress economic growth and punish producers and consumers.  They all violate privacy, rob us of property, they all increase government power and reduce the scope of economic liberty.  This is true of the income tax and any tax that might be designed to replace it.

The usurper president has requested a whopping "new" $83.4 BILLION dollars that doesn't exist to fund these horrific "wars" when the people's purse is now overdrawn $11.1 TRILLION dollars.

Well, that is the agenda, isn't it? Loot and bankrupt this republic until the people are so desperate they will get down on their knees and beg for nanny government to "save them." The goal is world government brought on by an engineered financial crisis.

The paramilitarization of local law enforcement is beefing up and the target is you and me. Many of you here today know the big picture and understand that we are right in the cross hairs of the minions of the shadow government who run and control Congress and the White House. I received an intelligence and analysis report put out by the office of Homeland Security yesterday, that is sickening.  Just because of your attendance here at this function today YOU are a right wing extremist.  (Read from report)

Survival is now the name of the game and it must be done county by county across this country. Yes, we must continue to pound on Congress for every piece of draconian legislation these cowardly SOB's are trying to shove down our throats. Every call to stop giving 15 - 20 MILLION illegals a free pass even though they are lawbreakers will count.

NOW is the time to identify candidates for 2010; This is critical. No matter how bloodied and bruised we are by November 2010, if we don't have candidates lined up for all these congressional seats, the same traitors will get "voted" back into office.

We  must understand that we need to work together and do all we can to get out of the system by caring for each other and serving each other.  We must live as self sufficiently as possible and be prepared for whatever “they” have in store for us. 

The Lord has told us over and over that if we are prepared we shall not fear.  Do not be fearful but consecrate all you have to the Lord and his kingdom.  Serve your neighbors and build these communities of Show Low, Linden, Snowflake, Taylor, etc: so that they can be thriving areas without the need of assistance or edicts from the federal government.  Let’s do all we can to take care of ourselves, families and fellow neighbors without government help. .  We have the opportunity to tell the Feds to “take a hike” and be a shining star up here in the White Mountain area by truly being a Zion community.  May God bless us to this end.


Karen S. Johnson  (many of these thoughts and ideas came from Devvy Kidd and Lou Rockwell)