Powell Gammill
Powell Gammill

Mike Renzulli 
Subject: Immigration

 Dear Editor,   Chuck Baldwin and Frosty Wooldridge are wrong for denouncing the idea of giving amnesty to the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of undocumented/illegal immigrants in the United States.   By doing so, Baldwin and Woodlridge assume that, once legal, they will not be screened and unfairly assumes that it will sanction the breaking of America\'s laws while pointing to questionable statistics slanted to back up their cases.   Much of the studies both columnists point to to back up their cases hail from information floated by groups, like the Federation for American Immigration Reform. As it turns out the anti-immigration movement was started by ex-environmentalists John Tanton and former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm.   Both gentlemen (especially Baldwin) should also re-read their copies of the U.S. Constitution. It only allows the federal government the power to enact laws for the purpose of naturalization and does not give Congress or any branch or agency of the federal bureaucracy the ability to regulate immigration in any manner.   Furthermore, while I am an atheist I was a Christian for over 30 years and an Episcopal priest\'s son. I am equally dismayed at Baldwin\'s nativist sentiments since he is a Baptist minister and the vast majority of undocumented immigrants are Christians themselves.   One would think that Baldwin would want to emulate Christianity\'s hero, Jesus, in demonstrating compassion for those less fortunate than himself.
 While they have a right to their views, opinions by men, like Baldwin, go to show the anti-life sentiments of Christianity, conservatives and environmentalism.   When it comes to immigration conservatives, like Baldwin and Wooldridge, and environmentalists, like John Tanton and Richard Lamm, demonstrate their hatred of mankind due to the altrusitic philosophies they subscribe to while wanting to subject mankind to an existence of misery and death.   Americans don\'t need protection from foreigners. We have welcomed immigrants throughout our country\'s history and those who end up here embrace the ideals of freedom our country stands for, work for their own advancement, and uphold our right to work for ours.   We should continue to do so. The country will be richer for it"in every sense of the word.    Sincerely,  Mike Renzulli