Psycho Clown Mask Angered People Wear
Psycho Clown Mask Angered People Wear

II. To Lie That Federal Reserve Is A “Private” Institution Run By “Thieves” Is Dangerous
Edwin Sumcad 
Date: 06-24-2009
Subject: Legislative Mischief


     To lie in public that the United States Federal Reserve is a private agency run by thugs could fire up psychopaths to kill. [See Psycho Clown Mask]

     Hate-propelled public deception has always a treacherous backlash. Imagine that this anti-Fed campaign is caught by millions of ignorant radicals and very angry leftist revolutionaries across the country. Such falsehood being spread around " that the Fed is a private bank run by “thieves” " becomes the gospel of truth through constant exposure that fires up deeper hatred against the government. Rush people with deep resentment in their heart are motivated to undermine law and order, or even emotionally driven to kill.

       The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting on June 13, 2009 in Washington, D.C. killing a security guard demonstrated this fired up hatred of 88-year-old white supremacist named James W. von Brunn, against the Jews. When random killing flares up and more bodies land in the morgue, we know what causes it.

       If the intention to spread this hate-the-Fed contagion to the public at large is to change America by invoking our constitutional right to arm ourselves and start a bloody shooting war against the government, foolishly showing how our forefathers’ concept of the right to revolt in the name of liberty and freedom has been systematically distorted, we must condemn this public deception against the Federal Reserve; the condemnation should be categorized as a terrorist revolt worse than the insane agenda of terror Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda have, i.e., butchering Americans and bombing this nation to kingdom come, which is predicated on cajolery and executed with finesse through treachery. 

      There is no doubt that those who hate the Fed hate America. We do not need a local political 911 spawned by the likes of Bill Ayers, Barack Obama’s previous working colleague otherwise known as the anti-Vietnam-war “Bomber”, or Colorado University’s “Little Eichmann” Ward Churchill, Timothy McVeigh, notorious Oklahoma bombing weirdo, 

 or another psychopath like Theodore Kaczynski, The Unabomber, exploding in our midst! Having Barack Obama as president whose birth certificate millions suspected could be fake, is to millions of Americans, already more than enough for them to bear!

     Anyone who is privileged to know the truth of what the Fed is all about, especially its function in the economy as the nation’s Central Bank, has a public duty of a law-abiding citizen to confront the lies and expose any vicious charlatan who by dragging the reputation of the agency down the gutter the general public ends up the loser. We end up the loser because such abomination injects into the veins of the enemy additional lifeblood of terror.

     In sharing the light of knowledge and awareness on this issue, I published these disquieting concerns all over the Internet. A curious reader may “Google” or search the Web, to locate what I have written about the Federal Reserve. 

     One of the many editorial reports could be found right in the nationalwriterssyndicate.com, and also in this FP.com site, and in other nationally known Websites. [Click on these links to get a sample: Federal Reserve, Fed I, Fed II or America sans the Fed.]

       Righting a wrong down the road always merits a lot of sweet and sour rewards to hardworking journalists … including being called names, by very emotional character assassins whose doggy dry mind unfortunately can only bite hard but cannot argue intelligently in public fora.

      The American public knows that Dr. Ron Paul leads this revolt against the Fed. The Congressman from Texas should not be denied his voice against the Fed. Neither should his right be suppressed or ridiculed, in advocating his manifest intention to exhibit his rather patriotic-sounding but deemed “strange” political agenda against the Federal government run by a different breed of politicians he believes are less perceptive or less heroic than he is. 

      But notwithstanding any ego-massage of those who disagree, many followers agree with his perceptions. Still many others consider him a “guru” with magical “cures” to the nation’s manifold illnesses.  Although the prescribed cure might have come from another planet because it is hardly understood, it has some kind of placebo-effect that numbs the pain of the wound. With the nuclear blast of the current economic debacle, not to speak of its sickening financial radiation all over the place, to say that millions of Americans are sick and wounded, is an understatement.  In this sense, they needed a doctor.

      The only problem is " and this problem the public already knows -- Paul is indeed, a doctor of medicine that speaks economics most economists admit they hardly understand. A few believes he brings into today’s politics new ideas about our long lost freedom and liberty.  This is a libertarian website and since Paul is a libertarian politico, he has a good support. 

       I am not a libertarian " only a devoted sentinel of free speech " but I endorse this support and encouragement from an advocate of freedom of expression as one of the anchors of our individual liberty, especially to be free of any government control and censorship when we desire to communicate ideas across the wide spectrum of dissention and disagreement on issues of national interest.

       But in this esoteric economic discipline no matter how far, and notwithstanding where my experience and academic advantage are coming from, I am afraid that the ranks of those who hardly understand his economics includes me … the truth, I cannot hide but instead humbly confess.

       However, I do not criticize Dr. Paul’s person not because of fear of a threat of physical and spiritual harm coming from a politicizing loyal group of followers. I am sure Paul’s decent judgment is first to disapprove when overzealous disciples step out of line. On the contrary, I count myself among those who admire the Congressman’s courage next to his amiable person who as a doctor of medicine [one of my sons is a hardworking doctor] is gentle to life he saves. I am only not in accord with his political ideas and economic critiques aired in public that many Americans like me cannot help but disagree.

      For example, our illustrious forefathers are being used by Fed abolitionists spearheaded by the Congressman to argue the abolition of the nation’s Central Bank.

       We can name a couple or so of our forefathers who criticized banks and greedy bankers many, many years ago.  They have been presented and represented with scripted damaging anti-Fed commentaries seen and heard in the tube and in the screens of edited and heavily slanted audio and videotapes.  We owe our forefathers their traditional vigilance on freedom and it is being wrongly exploited to the hilt; their liberating wisdom in the past always fits the problem of their time, and with it is their caveat on what to avoid in the days ahead, all of which are being used to destroy the success of a nation that they have founded.

      But their world then had now changed so drastically that this transition to a better world boggled the imagination. The explosion of scientific information, modern discoveries and technology many centuries later, was unimaginable then than it is now, and we are still warping in time towards the unknown, and therefore new and more totally different realities are still forthcoming. 

      Had their been a United Nations in Benjamin Franklin’s time, a World Bank or an IMF, a World Trade Organization and the like, of which the people of the world owed their creations to modern American ingenuity and leadership, I am sure our forebears would have been wise enough to engineer a national central banking system that would enable the nation to address the complex problems and wherewithal of our political and economic life in accordance with the needs of our modern time.

      The harsh criticisms of a couple or so of our great ancestors against the weaknesses of banking and bankers in their time should be remembered at all times, but these should not be used against today’s central banking system or the Federal Reserve at a wrong time.  These are of two different times.

      For, indeed, it is wrong to fault the Fed for the printing of paper money [our forefathers started it to finance their revolution against the Crown of England; it is also a function of central banks of all nations to use paper money for economic development] and for the creation of our credit system needed to make this nation the greatest, the wealthiest and the mightiest on the planet.  

      Furthermore, the Fed’s central banking mechanisms that employ flexible Keynesian fiscal and monetary policies to good advantage, are economic panacea of our modern time, which is hard to see when the mind’s eye is politically and ideologically beclouded with spite and malice.

      Are their rogue officials in the Fed banking system? Sure … but critics should see to it in whatever way they can, that they are brought to court. There are quite a number of existing laws under which culprits of their kind could be punished.  I have just cited several of them … [ Read Part I. Federal Reserve Is Government Entity -- Not A Private Banking Enterprise].

      In his relentless campaign against the Fed, Congressman Ron Paul is currently sponsoring HR 1207 “to audit” the Federal Reserve.  It is still being brewed in Congress and to comment on it thoroughly this early is premature.  We may criticize or praise it when it is “cooked” and served for public blessing, in the altar of public opinion.

      But here is the acid test to find out if the bill is worth wasting the taxpayers’ money: The need for a government audit is premised on Paul’s argument " actually based on his widely published criticisms -- that the Federal Reserve is a “private” bank owned and managed by private bankers, hence it should be audited.

       Under this thinking, the Fed is a “private” business venture. Of course it is a fallacious thinking because the Fed is a government entity. But let’s go along with Paul’s declaration that the Fed is a “private” business.

       Based on that concept, the bill could create a dangerous precedent.  When HR 1207 becomes a law, what would prevent the government from “auditing” private corporations or any private business or entity at will, like how it will audit the Fed, which Paul declared is a “private”, not a government, corporation?

        A concerned American " possibly a franchise holder -- opined in his own protest blog that we have a monkey on our back if the government audits McDonald for promoting the sale of Big Mac. There will be no more free enterprise to talk about outside the control of government, starting from the “Obamanition” [nationalization] of the healthcare system and the auto industry.

       Paul criticized President Obama’s drive towards radical socialism or extreme communalism where the government holds our free enterprise by the neck. 

      In this sense, it saddens me to shoot a question of grief like an arrow into the wind: Is the Congressman unknowingly playing himself and his loyal followers right into Obama’s hand?

      This suspicion is cryptic and creepy. If Obama and Paul are actually “friends” behind the scene, the calamity to expect from that covert friendship, whether actual or implied, is worse than history’s 911 infamy.  It reminds us of the Conspiracy Theory. Reminiscent of that conspiracy, like New York’s Twin Towers, this country will surely collapse not by explosion but by implosion! #


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