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The Obligation to Be Obnoxious  
The civilized person in each of us wants to be polite and kind to other people. We tend to answer people when they ask us something, and do little things if someone asks (i.e., holding the door for someone, letting someone pull into traffic in front of us, etc.).  We've also been trained to respect and obey "authority." So when someone in "law enforcement" asks someone a question, or asks to be allowed to check something, or search somewhere, most people instantly and unthinkingly comply. After all, if you're one of the good guys, why wouldn't you cooperate with the police?

Well, I'm here to tell you, good people have an obligation to refuse to "cooperate" with authoritarians, as much as possible, even when "cooperating" would be easy and apparently harmless, and even when refusing to cooperate feels rude and pointless.

The reason for this is simple. Whatever intrusions, interrogations, stops, searches, and other inconveniences you will voluntarily submit yourself to, you are implicitly telling the thugs posing as "authority" that they have the right to demand such things of you. And when everyone does that, the police start expecting it, and start seeing it as criminal when someone does not "volunteer" to be harassed, detained, interrogated and searched. (Go to any airport in the country if you need proof of that.)

Consider the occasional random traffic stops that are done across the country (including right in front of my house). The cops stop everyone, ask if they've been drinking, where they're going, and some other things, and shine a flashlight around in their cars to look for possible evidence of crime. Just about everyone quietly submits, thinking that's what a good person would do.

It's not. Politely cooperating amounts to giving your blessing to the thugs of "authority" stomping on the Fourth and Fifth amendments. When their victims don't resist, or don't at least politely object, it teaches the state's mercenaries that treating people like that is perfectly fine, and teaches them that anyone who does not like to be treated like a criminal must be a criminal. (How's that for ironic?) In case you think that's an exaggeration, consider the fact that the federal fascists, in their own memos, have listed the following as possible indications that someone is a domestic terrorist: the person might "request authority for [a police] stop," or might "make numerous references to [the] U.S. Constitution," or might "attempt to 'police the police'." Here is the FBI's own memo saying that:

So now asking why a cop stopped you, or invoking your Constitutional rights, or keeping an eye on the local cops to see if they're behaving properly, are signs that you're a criminal, or even a terrorist?! How did this country ever come to that? Simple. With every new infringement on individual liberty, most people decided to quietly go along with it. They thought it was the good thing to do. As a result, the people have come to think like slaves, and their oppressors have come to think like slave-masters. And every time you are polite and cooperative with someone in "law enforcement" when he is doing something unjustified and unconstitutional (which is most of the time), you are adding to the problem. Yes, you might make less trouble for yourselves today, but you are also building the police state that your kids are going to have to live in. (Try asking some people who lived in 1940's Germany whether, in the long run, quietly going along with whatever "law enforcement" said is really a good idea.)

If, on the other hand, you refuse to talk to those in "law enforcement," refuse to consent to any search, demand to know why a cop stopped you, and what justification he has for inconveniencing you at all, it's a safe bet that the cops won't like you. They might even make trouble for you. But they will also know, for all their thuggery and self-importance, that they are not your masters, and never will be. Sure, they still have the ability to taser you, beat you up, even kill you. The point is, if you grovel, say "yes, officer," and comply with their every whim, they don't need to do any of those other things, because you are already their slave.
And it's a safe bet that if you do those things yourself, you are also training your children to be slaves as well. If you wouldn't sell your kids into slavery, why would you donate them into slavery? If you're too much of a coward to resist tyranny for your own sake, at least think of what you are training your children to be. Instead of teaching them to unquestioningly bow to "authority," I have a better idea: teach your kids that they own themselves, and that they are not the property of the state. (For starters, you could have them read "The Iron Web.")