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Ernest Hancock
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Activists and Slacktivists - (also some comments on FreedomsPhoenix editorial policies)  
(I'm in the mood for some good 'ole online debating. I got the next 24 hours that I can set aside spots time for this, so let's take advantage of my 'teeth grinding' emotional state and have at it - heartfelt thank you to Edwin Sumcad)
From: Jon

Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 1:00 AM
To: Publisher@FreedomsPhoenix.com
Subject: Re: this article that I found at least 2 times on your site, see inside email


Link:  http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/052337-2009-06-24-i-who-said-federal-reserve-is-a-private-banking-institution.htm

If I ever see anything like this again, you will be boycotted and any patriots that I have turned on to this site will boycott you also.

Are you for the people or not?  This article is so chock full of dis-info it is ridiculous.

I thought you guys were better.

I would also recommend not carrying any more articles by Edwin Sumcad .  If I ever see his name on this site again, you are done with me.

How dare you!  do you even read the crap you post on this site?  I have seen some questionable madison avenue type crap before but this here just takes the cake.  (not saying this article is madison ave, just saying you sometimes put up stories about so called "stars" and BS that is not important to what this site is supposedly about.)

Who are you now?  Glenn Beck?


FreedomsPhoenix' Publisher, Ernest Hancock, has this to say about that...


The link above is a Letter to the Editor from Edwin Sumcad complaining about the criticism I allow of him. At the end of the following reply to Jon is my response to Edwin Sumcad.

I'm going to allow myself a little bit of a present and express myself freely on this issue :)


Dear Jon,

I will take the tone of your email as a license to be just as free in my expressions

I am sick and tired of those that would take the time to criticize those that would allow for a controversial debate instead of taking the time to engage in it. So you may understand why I would ask myself, 'of what use you are to the freedom movement' (c’mon, you know you want to engage me now more than you do Edwin Sumcad… think about that for a moment).

The last sentence of my reply to Mr. Sumcad's whining about how he is treated after sharing his... whatever it is he calls his writings, sums up my position best.

"Your opinions are... well, you are the one that has to defend them in the open here. And that is the only way that they are ever going to appear on this site... in the open, surrounded by the comments of others about what you had to say.

Now don't make me have to read all of your stuff,... depending on my mood, I just might hit the delete key :)"

I need NeoConned Net Trolls like Edwin Sumcad to slap your thought processes into activity. Make better arguments than "This article is so chock full of dis-info...". What dis-info? Be specific, others have been to the point that Edwin comes whinning to me to make it stop. In fact my criticism of his detractors is that they need to be more specific.

Our "About Us" page hasn't been changed in years and our spirit is the same as when we started We know Freedom will rise from the ashes, and we want to make sure that everyone's Freedom is never signed away again by those who believe they have the power to do so.” Well, you don’t have the power to stop the spewing of Edwin Sumcad’s bullshit. But of special note: I know I can’t either. But what I can do is provide a tool that allows ACTIVISTS to engage him on an equal field. Edwin Sumcad is just a symptom/side effect/tool of a much larger force we have to contend with.

But in the past when the name, Edwin Sumcad, and the issues he writes about are researched “Edwin Sumcad” would come up in a search engine result that wouldn’t have the critique from informed minds that can call “BULLSHIT” on his offerings to the planet and what Edwin Sumcad might have to say about it. And there may come a day when Edwin Sumcad will beg for his submissions to be stricken from the FreedomsPhoenix site. By my including his name (Edwin Sumcad) a lot in this article the Internet Search Engines will scan a high density of references to Edwin Sumcad and this article regarding him (Edwin Sumcad) will move up in relevance to Edwin Sumcad’s writings and postings.

Soooo, Jon, you are the problem, not Edwin Sumcad. There will always be Edwin Sumcads out there without the informed opposition linked directly to their propaganda and “dis-information”, FreedomsPhoenix has given you a perfect opportunity to be relevant and effective in countering this infection and you would rather bitch about having the opportunity to challenge the very ideas that you oppose.

Please allow me to share with you what the young people I work with call such a person… a “Slacktivist”. That may mean little to our generations but to the young they know when someone is being a “slacker”. Claiming to be a ‘patriot’ while taking the time to criticize an open opportunity to directly engage the very enemy you oppose is very… I’m sure the young have a term for such behavior. I just call it lazy and typical of the behavior that allowed this country to get to where it is now.

Oh yeah, I’m coming down hard on you Jon. You need it. And others that want/need/expect others to do their fighting for them should take note as well.

FreedomsPhoenix is a very powerful and effective tool for ACTIVISTS.

There are at least half a dozen of our posters that I know have little value to me as a reader. After two articles from Edwin Sumcad I knew what he was and how he would serve the interests of other Activists. If you really want to punish yourself you can go to Edwin Sumcad’s writer page where all of his (Edwin Sumcad’s) material is http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Writer-Bio-Page.htm?EditNo=156 . Now think for a moment how a concentrated effort to comment on every single one of his contributions in great and reasoned detail might have an effect on Edwin Sumcad’s ability to shape public policy in the manner he seems to desire. Edwin Sumcad's writings become a tool for freedom advocates. GET IT?!!!

“Freedom’s the Answer,… What’s the Question?!!!!!!!!

“Patriot”? What the heck is that? The young r3VOLutionaries of the past couple of years dominated the political debate with their enthusiastic willingness to enter into JUST THESE SORTS OF DEBATE OPPORTUNITIES. And many self proclaimed ‘patriots’ were their greatest critics,… were you one of them?

No, I don’t read Edwin Sumcad’s crap,… I know better. But I do read the comments and take the opportunity to use the controversy to share these thoughts when appropriate to emphasize our editorial policies (which can change anytime I want them to) and for personal satisfaction (thanks Jon, I’m feeling better already :)

I can count on my fingers the number of submissions I have deleted from the site over the past 5 years and not many more than that that Powell and I have left on the site’s archives but have never made it to the front page. But most often it was due to their being obvious marketing Spam or a personal attack on an individual with no educational value.

So Jon, I hope you have a better understanding of how this information war is going to be won. We have a very wide spectrum of contributors, with their own following, that are exposed to FreedomsPhoenix and the input of our readers. This was the plan from the beginning. We are libertarians and are NOT AFRAID to discuss anything with anyone. In fact it is the control of what can be debated that has reduced the populace’s mind to that of a child full of fear and doubt.

Any Questions?

Oh, and BTW. FreedomsPhoenix has provided the ability for you to have your very own Special Edition where you can have a complete and fully functional version of your own FreedomsPhoenix that you have total control of and can select whatever you want to appear on it (here’s mine - http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Front-Page.htm?EdNo=200 ), they can be accessed from the top Navigation Bar under “Special Editions”

Watch the tutorials on how FreedomsPhoenix works and why here http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Standard-Page.htm?Page=00219

Waiting on you now.


Writer: Ernest Hancock
Writer's Response:



Free-Market advocates _know_ that the Federal Reserve isn't a free-market entity. Try to compete with something else (even backed by precious metals) and you'll get a jack-booted understanding of how the money monopoly really works.


FreedomsPhoenix' editorial policy is pretty much whatever Powell and I say it is. The overwhelming principle is to allow for free expression of opinion. The structure of the site allows the readers to easily avoid writers that they have learned are Brain Drains and a waste of time.


However, for those hoping to take advantage of the opportunity to make their opinions clear on a particular subject using the writings of another is stimulating to many. For new readers, they can only get the 'Free flow of ideas' concept over time and the comments section helps them speed this process up.


Your article is still on the front page at the bottom in the Opinion and Article section. And you'll notice that we reformatted the site so that the comments show up on the same page opened to the original article. This change was motivated by you and others that would use FreedomsPhoenix to promote their writings without any say from the readers of the site about what you have to say.


Soooooo, this change allows for you to share your writings while the site readers are able to provide their comments on what was shared.


Of all of the postings that you have made on this site I have read maybe the first two... I get it :) But the comments are always entertaining.


Most of the awareness I have of your postings is due to the emails I get wondering why I would allow your work on FreedomsPhoenix in the first place. But then I get some of those emails about others' writings that I personally like. So I do my best not to make any more of a judgment other than how long I allow the piece to be on the front page and how high on the front page. Very rarely to I just delete a posting. I think that I have done that maybe 5 times over almost 5 years and 60,000 entries.


It wouldn't surprise me if one of your writings were one of them but I usually target for deletion the stories that are superficial and full of useless personal attacks that are without a meaningful purpose.


Privately to my friends and supporters I do my best defending the publishing of your work... "for the entertainment and education of our readers about the thought process of people that support (fill in the blank)"


I'm sure that there may come a time that we will be more selective due to an over whelming volume of entries (we are already at two daily editions - and I doubt we'll go to a regular 3rd edition) But for now I hope to keep the site open to those that are very counter to the opinions of our editors and the majority of our readers.


Your opinions are... well, you are the one that has to defend them in the open here. And that is the only way that they are ever going to appear on this site... in the open, surrounded by the comments of others about what you had to say.


Now don't make me have to read all of your stuff,... depending on my mood, I just might hit the delete key :)