FreedomsPhoenix new Silver medallion - Ready Mid-July
FreedomsPhoenix new Silver medallion - Ready Mid-July

FreedomsPhoenix Workshop Party and Sign Making Event 5pm - 10pm Monday 6/29
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 06-28-2009
Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

Behind Strip center on 7th Ave & Indian School road (really on the NE corner of Amelia and 8th Ave) Phoenix Arizona

We need to get the last bit of work done for our trip to Santa Fe this week for the Fourth of July. But we are almost done so we can also have a party and invite our friends to see how the Workshop has evolved.

Pot Luck Work/Party

You're not required to 'work' this evening at the "workshop" but there will be plenty of people that will be.
I encourage the workshop activists to invite friends and family so they can get a tour of the facility and know where you have been spending so much of your time and what is being accomplished.
I will have several new activist projects to announce that we are working on and what the Summer Schedule is for them.
There are also several other activists and groups of activists and organizations that have begun using the facility and this is a good time for them to invite their supporters to come visit and see the workshop in action.
We always get more food and drinks than we need, but that's OK since it just fills up the refrigerator with goodies for the nightly activism. So feel free to bring more than you would for yourself, or just what you need to enjoy dinner.
We have pretty much all of the material that we need. But we are always in need of Black, Red, Blue, White and any other spray paint.