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Date: 07-22-2009
Subject: Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

Thursday July 23rd 2009
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11am - 1pm Central DST
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Bernanke the Evader
Gary North on the central bank chief's sidestepping of the three big questions.
Wall Street and the Fed Are Ripping Us Off
So buy cheap, says Jim Rogers: invest where demand is low.
The Myth of Fed Independence
Ron Paul on one of the state's useful lies.
Peter Schiff Did It
He restored my interest in investing and its economics, says Mike Price.
Who You Callin' Extremist?
Steve Greenhut on Republican neocons.
25 Scary Facts
About government brainwashing.
'Open the Door! Open the Door!'
A new translator-collar lets your dog speak to you, or so we're told.
Forget the Vaccine
Nine ways to get your immune system into high gear.
Concerned About an Economic Collapse?
A simple survival guide for your family, home, and money.
Go Green for Better Health
Leafy green, that is, not eco-green.
'Why Are Passengers So Messy?'
An airline pilot's lament. He also talks about crashes.
Invasion of the Giant Carnivorous Squid
California swimmers fear the Red Devil.

10 questions for Lew Rockwell
By: Kenny Johnsson
Liberal Post interview Manager

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( At 4:30pm PST today I just got word that Pete and Jason were detained and prevented from entering Canada due to their political beliefs.... developing :)


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Philosophy: Anarchism
What Is Anarchy?
07-23-2009  •  Butler Shaffer 

One philosophical abstraction that seems to befuddle most people is "anarchy." To those challenged by complexity " such as radio talk show hosts and cable-TV "newscasters&q