Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock

Subject: Political Parties

 Power in America is held by the people who are willing to vote.  These people have for the most part an attention span of three minutes at a time and decide who they are voting for, especially on off year elections with in a week of the election.  This is done by the majority on name recognition and who they feel will be the least worst person in politics.  Many time they are wrong in their choice because of a better PR wave of information or dis-information in the week before the election.

From what I have read and seen those candidates who want real change in American politics don\'t have the snow balls chance in hell of gaining over ten percent of the vote simply because they do not understand how to run an election.

In 2010, at the election, if the people were to funnel money and resources into five states that have both Senators and Representatives up for election and win in three of these states the ball of the O\'man, the stupidity of the golder credit card of the Democrats and the stupidity of the Republicans would be halted because no party would control the Congress, both parties would have to agree with the middle American party on every issue.

Now, I am putting this in your court, on your screen and more importantly in your thoughts, if you want a new power in America it really starts with you.  It will cost money and largest on the list it will require seven to fifteen Americans to be willing to fight the hard battle in at least five states.  There you have it.

Great ideas, money and believing in America will not win an election, but what will is people, ideals, money and a very large add radio, TV  program that hits to the pocket book, religion and heart of out of work, fearful Americans. That means AARP, college grads not working and a slice of racial disagreement with China and any country that has the jobs that were once here in America.

There you have it.  Laid out in front of you.  The only way to stop the sell out of America is threw the people of America.

If you do not begin this year, next you may be in the hills fighting a war against the brownshirts as they make the nation safe.