Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

No threat to the US Constitution, by enemies foreign or domestic, can succeed without treasonous federal officials aiding and abetting them.

Only our officials can manipulate the laws to remove original safeguards, distort, circumvent, or subvert the Constitution.

Only they can usurp authority, strip citizens of God-given rights, minimize sovereignty, weaken our borders, military, and economy, impose financial bondage, advance tyranny, and destroy all that our Founders and Patriots have fought for.

America has no greater enemy than federal officials, past or present, who (willfully, or through neglect, bribery, or coercion) undermine the Constitution and violate the Founder’s intent. (Please Note: Laws protecting them are unconstitutional and obstruct justice, since no one, especially domestic enemies of the Constitution, can ever be above the law.)

With so much at stake, let our outcry for investigations, hearings, and military tribunals not be silenced until the traitors and enemies within are exposed and permanently defeated!