Libertarian Talker Pulls Big Publicity Coup (Talker Magazine)

Libertarian Talker Pulls Big Publicity Coup (Talker Magazine)
Ernest Hancock 
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 08-21-2009
Subject: Media: Radio


Libertarian Talker Pulls Big Publicity Coup. Phoenix-based talk host and libertarian activist Ernest Hancock took the media for a ride as the orchestrator of the “man with the assault rifle at the Obama health care rally.” By now you’ve seen video of “Chris,” the well-dressed black man with the rifle over his shoulder being interviewed by Hancock at the recent Phoenix event. CNN’s Rick Sanchez ran with the story as did other media outlets questioning why someone would need to have a loaded rifle at a rally where the president was appearing. That’s legal in Arizona and Hancock later admitted to Sanchez on CNN that they told the police they would be there and it was indeed designed to bring attention to Second Amendment rights. Hancock’s “Declare Your Independence” show is available on the internet and several terrestrial stations. Hancock also operates the libertarian-oriented news portal and website freedomsphoenix.com.

Steve Benson - Cartoonist for the Arizona Republic