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Not a peep about the AZ Republic front pager on "man with gun"?  
Actually the terror on the front page of the AZ Republic today was a little more nuanced. Noted travel figure avoids Arizona because we are all maniacs. The last point I caught: does Arizona need a face lift?
Gee, does the AZ Republic need a face lift?
Arizona Repubilc won't show Chris' face on the front page, so perhaps this is a veiled message of racism: they clearly don't want the face of Arizona to be black.
We already know the "national lamestream media" doesn't want the face of gun owners to be black.
Well I could delve into the article but I didn't read it. I'm not paying money to read this dreck. But if I should visit the offices of this venerable literary institution, will I find notices banning the carry of firearms within? Come on AZ Republic, state your position and put your money where your mouth is.
Updated: 8:56PM MST
I didn't say I wouldn't read the whole article, I'm just not going to pay for it. Here it is online.
And what more can we say about the pic they used. The one on the printed page is even more cropped.

Nicely framed. Hide the black guy's head behind the rifle stock and squeeze in the white guy.