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THE COMMON SENSE SHOW with DAVE HODGES SUNDAY September 6, 2009, 9-11pm Central
Dave Hodges 
Date: 09-06-2009
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Join Dave Hodges on The Common Sense Show as he interviews RFID expert, Dr. Katherine Albrecht as they discuss the continuing misuse of RFID surveillance on the American people and what is truly behind this misguided agenda. Katherine will also unveil her view on a continuing Common Sense Show topic as she will be discussing the GPS technology being placed in front yards of homeowners around the country and  the true agenda which lies behind this very puzzling governmental action. Dr. Albrecht will also provide an update on the surveillance grid as it relates to most search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL and how this violates your Fourth Amendment rights. Tune in and find out what search engine does not store your searches and report them to the NSA. Katherine and Dave will also be discussing the possible use of the RFID technology in the upcoming H1N1 mandatory vaccinations.


In the last half hour of the show, the Under the Radar news correspondent, Annie DeRiso, and Dave will, once again, discuss the continuing and emerging story of the two warring New World Order factions as their conflict is becoming very public and the stakes associated with this conflict are enormous in their scope and implications including the first casualty of this war, Green Jobs Advisor, Van Jones. Tune in and learn how this burgeoning conflict has the potential to become America’s Civil War II.




SUNDAY September 6, 2009


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