We have a concern about some legislation that actually passed and was signed by the governor in 2002. It has to do with bioterrorism attacks, pandemics, etc. There's a section that is called "Patient tracking during enhanced surveillance a
John Green 
Date: 09-15-2009
Subject: Bioterrorism


Original Legislation (HB2044 " 2002) 

This is one scary law!
The accessing of confidential patient information is state law to get around HIPAA in an emergency situation.  However, the spying only really begins if you self-identify who you are to authorities or if they gather that information, for example, from a pharmacy.
That said, in the subsequent sections it appears they can detain you INDEFINITELY AND WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, UNLESS you self identify!
I.e. they get you either way.
Once they have all of your private information, they can share it with WHOMEVER THEY WANT except for you or any of your family members and there is no public review!
So you can be detained indefinitely, no due process and no public review unless you self-identify yourself in which case they begin spying on you. 
Note Section. 36-790.  Patient-Doctor privilege does not protect you from your doctor reporting on you.
This is like a shadow government.
It appears to be model legislation for states to get around federal protections (and previous state protections) of privacy for any reason once a "health emergency" or "enhanced surveillance advisory" is announced by a bureaucrat with no legislative or judicial review.
Briefly stated.  What you are reading here is tyranny plain and simple under the guise of public health, complete with detention camps full of sick people whom they will throw you into (and who will make you sicker than you already are) unless you comply with their executive orders, for example, to take a vaccine.