Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

A, any revolution starts with a single person who is unwilling to accept the way government, law and society is being run.  He starts to ask questions and finds that there are others who share his distaste of the way the government is working, they may not agree on every point but they do agree that change is needed.  Next is the information phase of a revolution.  This can be short or last years.  The group now is willing to express their unhappiness with society and government and also outline a better way.  (at this time they are dissidents, the noise unhappy voice of the few)  As the group grows they change from vocal to action, terror attacks, against, in America; hard points vs the Arab attacks on soft targets.  (hard=military, soft=civilian)  This is the point of armed rebellion against the standing government.  (ninety percent of all rebellions  fail, poor planning, not enough money for supplies or food)  If the standing government does not react quickly, harshly and definitely to destroy the supplies and man power plus all the leadership the civil war can last years.  As the war goes on the standing government faces a problem.  It needs more men and materials plus taxes to fight, which makes the people unhappy and it reacts strongly with punitive actions that make the people unhappy.

The civil war grows only if at this point one of two things happen.  Another group or government starts to support the rebels, recognize them with money, guns and training or the people of the country start to support the rebels with money, weapons, information and personnel.  If neither one happens the civil war drags on but it is going to be lost by the rebellion.

There you have the civil war of 1776 in America.  Today we are still in the talking stage of unhappy but not ready to take the steps for armed conflict with in this great nation.  We are close to the flash point, it would take just a spark and........

The other way to start a revolution is for you to find a person who is willing to run for all city county and state/federal posts who will not be a Democrat or Republican.  An American candidate that allows more then a yes no vote....

We are in the first stages of civil action, we can take over this country two ways, by the civil war or by the vote.  I am willing to start with talking and voting.  If, if our government continues to sell America to the highest bidder we may have to show our leaders that we are not for sale and we will not go quietly into the ownership of other countries.  We own this land, it is time we remembered that!