THE COMMON SENSE SHOW with DAVE HODGES SUNDAY October 11, 2009, 9-11pm Central
Dave Hodges 
Date: 10-11-2009
Subject: Media: Radio

Time ran out on the 9/27 riveting interview with A.C. Griffith when he first appeared as a guest on The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges. The listening audience clamored for more, and we are proud to say that the crack staff of The Common Sense Show has listened and is proud to announce that, back by popular demand, tonight’s show features a return appearance by A.C. Griffith. “Griff” has been affiliated with both the National Security Agency as well as the CIA and has carried a top secret cryptographic clearance. He was married to a lawyer and his father-in-law was the Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court."   


Tonight, Griff will reveal to the listening audience why he has gone from a fervent supporter of the government and its policies to a disaffected citizen who has seen his once proud nation sink into the depths of fascism. Griff will be speaking to the audience on a variety of issues including the marriage of the global corporations to the American government which has placed our nation on the doorstep of a revolution, which Griff contends is already underway. Griff will also identify the reasons why the global elite is intent on depopulating the planet through a variety of means and will be discussing the role that mandatory vaccines will play in the unfolding revolution as well as the intent to depopulate.  


In the last segment of the show, Griff will provide a chilling account of what lies immediately ahead for most Americans, and more importantly, what all of us can do to survive the impending calamity in which, Griff contends, will ultimately be won on a spiritual level..


In the first half hour of the show, the Under the Radar news correspondent, Annie DeRiso, will be discussing a variety unreported and under-reported topics not covered by the lame street media. And of course, Dave and Annie will be updating the audience on the latest events in the ongoing war waging between two NWO factions.




SUNDAY October 11, 2009


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