Ernest Hancock 
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Date: 10-13-2009
Subject: Continental Congress 2009

Tuesday October 13th 2009
Broadcast on
11am - 1pm Central DST
Joe Buckley joins Eric Cartridge and Ernest Hancock in a discussion about the US Constitution and the possibility of no Federal Government as a better option.

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Hologram of Liberty
10-13-2009  •  Boston T. Party 
The Constitution's Shocking Alliance with Big Government 

The Allegory of the Swamp by Prester John Feature Article  •  More about Philosophy: Anarchism
The Allegory of the Swamp by Prester John
Brock Lorber
   Almost all of the great social arguments of our time revolve around organizing life in the swamp for maximum survival. But there is a far simpler, more elegant answer: Leave the swamp.
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Philosophy: Anarchism
Being Pissed-Off Is Not Enough
10-12-2009  •  Fr33 Agents / Paul Rosenberg 
Let’s say that we were fully successful in getting rid of the state; then what? What do we do after the celebration party? Whatever we would do after the celebration ends is what we should be doing now. 

Brock Lorber